Gone are the days when sisters preferred an envelope stacked with money as their rakhi gifts. Today, sisters rejoice at the sight of a unique gift at the time of a rakhi celebration at home. Since gifts are an essential part of the rakhi festival, you should put an extra effort to pick the right rakhi gift for sister

Switch to this list of the top seven unique rakhi gift ideas for your sisters instead of gifting the same-old cliched ones: 

  1. Personalised chocolates

Nobody can resist chocolates. Surprise your beautiful sister with a box of personalised chocolates to make her day. The personalised chocolate box is the easiest rakhi gift for an elder sister with a sweet tooth. 

  1. Polaroid camera

Don’t you look at a photograph and wish that you get to relive the memory back again? However, the advent of smartphones has buried the magic of polaroid films. Use this opportunity to bring back memories and gift your sister a polaroid camera that she clings on to dearly. 

  1. Tickets to an exotic destination

Does your older sister have a hectic work schedule? If she comes home all drained from her long hours of work, sending her off to an exotic vacation is one of the unique Rakhi gift ideas for your elder sister. Arrange either a solo trip or a fun girl’s tour to help her take some time out for herself. 

  1. Skin-care hamper

Many women prioritise their skincare routine over expensive makeup products. So invest in skincare hamper that helps your sister to get glowing skin. Look for a basic hamper with products, such as a face pack, moisturizer, toner, and so forth and look her beam at the sight of it. 

  1. Investments

Amidst the gift-hunting, make the financial happiness of your sister a priority. Gift her a good investment product, such as Mutual fund, Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP), Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), and so on. Watch her become financially disciplined as she begins to invest money regularly. 

  1. Plants

Gifting plants that bring good health and luck is an excellent rakhi gift idea for an elder sister. For luck, choose a money plant, bamboo or a jade plant. For good health, gift her rosemary, basil, or parsley. 

  1. Dainty jewellery

A good piece of jewellery is every woman’s best friend. Shop a gorgeous piece of dainty jewellery for your sister that she can pair it up with every clothing. Look for a necklace, bracelet, or earrings that can dress up your sister’s every look. 

Gifts are a reflection of your bond with your siblings. So go that extra mile and gift something unique to your sister this RakshaBandhan. 

PersonalisedRakhi gifts are a great way to show effort and genuine care to your sister. In case you are a last-minute buyer, view rakhi gifts online that matches your sister’s personality. Moreover, you can buy rakhi gifts online if your sister lives far away from you.

Day traders have the freedom to choose from the wide array of equities available for them. The option is not the problem, figuring out which of these equities to trade is the real deal. After you figure out which FX Trading opportunity is best suited for you, then you now need to find the best way to gain profit on them.

Choosing Stocks For Intraday Trading

Day traders need to select stocks with ample volatility, liquidity, and group followers.

Liquid Stocks

Liquidity in stocks allows larger qualities to be purchased then get it sold without really creating a huge impact on the price. The strategies used in intraday trading is dependent on the timing and volume, which makes it easier to get in and out of every trade.

Medium Volatility to High Volatility

Price movement is needed to make money in day trading. traders can opt on stocks that tend to move a lot, be it in dollar terms or terms of percentage. Take note that stocks that move 3% and more in a single day can acquire consistency in large moves for day trading.

Group Followers

Most intraday traders tend to find equities that correlate with their index group or sector. In case the trader wants to trade similar stock every single day, it is best if you will focus on one stock so that, you get relieved with worries related to correlation.


Strategies For Entry and Exit

You may have found and picked the best stock in the world, but the profit you gain depends on no one but you. Though there are really different powerful strategies to choose from, the most important thing out there is to stick on some guidelines which are proven to be effective.

Trading with the Current Day Trend

It is your job as a trader to ride along with the waves brought by the market. When an uptrend comes along, you should focus your attention on picking long positions. When a downtrend occurs, you take on short positions. The difficult part of this is the isolation of the trend. But one thing’s for sure, providing more signals helps in seeing better insights right across the changing dynamics of the market.

Be Patient In Waiting For the Outcome

Trendlines are nothing but an estimated visual guide indicating the start and end of every price wave. Because of that, when you pick a stock for your day trading, you can utilize these trendlines for the entry of the next price.

Take Profits Regularly

Since day traders only have a limited time to get their profits, it is just right to spend only a small time moving forward from a losing trade or trades that are moving in the wrong direction.

Don’t Play Around When The Market Stalls

Take note, the market doesn’t always offer a chance to trend. There are times when intraday trends are reversed very often that the direction becomes too tough to establish. In such cases where the price moves in range, you may move on to a range-bound strategy.

A car accident is the last thing that anyone could ever expect to interfere with life. Between all of life’s regular struggles, including personal and professional problems, adding a car accident into the mix just creates more stress. Thankfully, there are actions you can take that will mitigate the painful consequences of a severe car accident. Consulting the Roseville chiropractor is one such essential action that you should take without thinking a twice. Car crashes have a profound and lasting impact on the body. If left untreated, the consequences could be regretful, and intolerable pain and suffering that can impact you for the rest of your life.

Going to a chiropractor after a car accident should be your first step against the pain and dysfunction associated with car accidents. However, you may not consider the importance of chiropractic care after a motor vehicle accident, but this is an important initiative that could benefit your health. This post highlights 5 key reasons why you need to make an appointment with a Roseville chiropractor.

1.      Drug-free, non-invasive treatment- The best part of chiropractic care after a motor vehicle accident is that it does not involve any surgeries or medications to treat your injuries. A chiropractor specializes in providing patients with non-surgical treatments that allow the body to heal itself. Thus, auto accident chiropractor treatment, preventing you from experiencing any harmful side effects such as nausea, allergic reactions, and more.

2.      Improved range of motion- The major symptoms you may experience after a devastating car accident is stiffness in the back and neck. This happens due to a misaligned spine, scar tissue development, and inflammation. However, Roseville car accident chiropractor non-invasive treatment can restore and improve your range of motion by mobilizing and realigning the spine during spinal adjustment.

3.      Reduces pain- The pain you experience due to cuts, contusions and bruises cause as a result of a car accident usually has several different sources. However, these visible injuries will heal within a few weeks, but internal injuries can stay for the rest of life. Chiropractic treatment works to realign your spine and relieve the pressure of impinged nerves and tense muscles. This gives you relief from pain. Moreover, the body releases pain-relieving hormones, for instance, oxytocin, neurotensin, and cortisol during spinal manipulation, which can minimize pain.

4.      Ensures better compensation- If you’re a victim of an auto accident and are badly injured due to the negligence of another driver, consulting the car accident chiropractor in Roseville is a must. Their consultation may help you seek financial compensation through a personal injury claim. The Roseville chiropractor will thoroughly diagnose your condition, provide written proof of your medical expenses, and also work with your car accident attorney or insurance company to help you receive the maximum compensation to pay for your medical expenses.

5.      Provide long-term relief- When you go for Roseville chiropractic care after a car accident, you may be able to prevent minor injuries from becoming serious long-term issues. However, critical problems like back pain, neck pain may develop if you do not seek treatment even for minor issues that arise due to severe car accidents.

The sooner you make an appointment with a Roseville auto accident chiropractor, the sooner you will recover from the car accident pain, injuries, and discomfort. Car accident internal injuries rarely heal on their own and this is why you need Roseville chiropractic care to help you get the recovery you deserve.

Your company is subject to many tax deadlines related to your legal status and your tax regime: taxation of your profits, VAT, CET, payroll taxes, etc. It is important to know the taxes and duties that concern you in order to predict your tax charges and anticipate your reporting and payment obligations.

Taxation of profits

All businesses are taxed on their profits.Depending on your legal status (sole proprietorship or companies), you will be subject to income tax (IR) or corporation tax (IS).

Sole proprietorship (craftsmen, traders), liberal professions and EURL (sole proprietorship with limited liability) are automatically subject to IR (certain companies, such as SARL, SAS or SA, may fall under the IR optional). To determine the tax base, the actual costs of the company are deducted from the turnover (companies subject to the micro-company regime benefit from a standard allowance). The profit is then integrated into the income of the tax household of the entrepreneur.

Companies (SARL, SAS, SA, etc.) are automatically subject to IS (EURL and EIRL can be subject to IS on option). The tax base is determined after deduction of the real costs of the company. It is the company which is liable for the corporate tax. Managers or partners are not personally taxed, for income tax purposes, except on the remuneration or dividends paid to them. Use the c corp tax calculator  to make the perfect calculation there.


Companies collect VAT on behalf of the State: they invoice it to their customers and then pay it back to the State, after deduction of the VAT which they have paid themselves during purchases or investments.The VAT tax regime is determined according to your activity and your turnover:

The basic franchise regime: the company is not liable for VAT. It has no declarative obligation to fulfill. It invoices its customers free of VAT and has no VAT to pay back to the State on its sales. In return, it cannot deduct the VAT paid on its purchases or investments. This plan is available to companies whose turnover does not exceed € 85,800 for purchase-resale activities and € 34,400 for service provision activities;

Micro-bic and micro-bnc regimes: the first regime concerns companies with a turnover excluding tax of less than 72,600 for service provision activities and less than 176,200 for purchase-resale activities. The second regime concerns companies with a turnover excluding tax of less than 72,600 euros. The companies then pay quarterly installments, then an annual adjustment;

The actual simplified regime: it concerns companies with turnover between € 176,200 and € 818,000 excluding tax for purchase-resale activities or between € 72,600 and € 247,000 for service provision activities. The companies then pay quarterly installments, then an annual adjustment;

The actual normal regime: it applies to companies generating more than 247,000 euros in turnover for the provision of services or 818,000 euros for purchase-resale activities (or optionally for companies carrying out lower turnover). Companies then subscribe to a monthly VAT return.

Gambling is legal in many counties, however, there are lots of countries where gambling is either illegal or is in some way restricted and this has in many ways created what is known as underground casinos which are completely illegal. However, it’s not only in countries with bans or restrictions where illegal casinos operate, but illegal gambling activities can also be found in countries like the UK and America where gambling is legal.  

In the tabloids you will often hear of high-stakes illegal poker rings and in films underground casinos are portrayed as dark, mysterious and exciting. But in reality, it’s a little more boring than that and they are usually anything but extravagant - maybe a few king casino slot machines in the back of a smoke filled bar or sweep-stake machines in the backroom of an internet cafe or even illegal poker games held in an unused office or storeroom. Nothing particularly exciting or alluring and with little of the benefits that legitimate establishments and online casinos will offer players.  

Some would describe underground illegal casinos as rather seedy establishments and not very appealing places to spend your time, or your money in comparison with the decadence of legitimate casinos. Out of the cases which have been busted so far in the US, over 30% of cases which were found were discovered to be illegal sports betting, closely followed by illegal slot machines.

Why do people use underground casinos?

After the mundane scenes that have just been described, it can be hard to imagine why they are frequented by some players and the main reason according to findings and research suggests it is down to convenience as well as some games becoming popular that aren’t legal everywhere. For example, sports betting is becoming incredibly popular with younger generations however it is only legal in certain states in the US which has meant more players are placing sports bets in illegal operations.

The dangers of underground casinos

Some players choose to gamble in underground casinos because they don’t think it is a big deal or that they are doing any harm, but in many cases illegal gambling operations are also linked with other illegal activities. For example, some sports betting rings which have been busted have been involved in distributing class-A drugs. Although, the majority of known illegal operations involve a few illegal slot machines and illegal card games or sports betting and sweepstakes.  

The risks of being caught using an illegal casino are fines or even time in prison, so it isn’t worth the risk, especially when you can play your favourite casino games conveniently at an online casino. However, many players play on illegal online casinos without even realising as many online casinos pass themselves off as legitimate sites when they are in fact unregulated and do not hold gambling licenses. There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, so before you sign up and deposit your money, be sure to check that the online casino is regulated and legitimate.

The cake makes everyone happy also it gives a festival feel during the cake arrives. People used to cut the cake during the birthday, the ceremony and on a product launch. The cakes need to be richer and with the multilayer. The cake delivery in surat is highly tasty also comes with a cost-effective price on it. Everyone likes cake also it is made of it. The bakeries are also creating their apps that will help the customers to order the time of the cake they want instantly. The online cake will be completely free including also this will be delivered immediately. Many people think that the delivery of the cakes may charge the extra money but this is not true they will get the cake at the doorstep by paying only the normal price of the cake.


Door delivery cakes


The many bakeries in the cities are also providing this kind of option as they can able to get the cake in the required destination. The size of the cake is not the matter this will be much simpler for the bakery staff as they will use the necessary box or the tools to shift the cake to your destination. Shipping the cake will not give any damage also this will be delivered in time also freshly. The freshness of the cake never reduces even when you order the cake at night time. 


The time is not the matter if you want the cake just simply make a phone call or just open the app or the website and place the order. You will find it easy and also in the busy schedule you can able to taste the cake or party the circumstance more grandly. The taste of the cake and the texture of the cake will never reduce as this will be delivered in a few minutes. In case if you have found the late delivery from the bakery staff then it is completely free of cost and you no need to make the payment.



Most of the people like to celebrate the event, festival or any other important days like wedding, birthday and other during midnight. At this time it is much difficult for them to go in the vehicle and purchase the cake they want. Instead, they can simply use the available app or use the website of the bakery and get the cake delivery in surat. Just pick the right cake that you like or else if you want to make the customization then you can also do it easily. These kinds of things do not require extra charge and then your package able to shock your best one in the nighttime. Each cake that is produced will be more yummy and soft. It is always much tough for somebody to ship the giant cakes and these kinds of difficulties will never arise during the cake express service. This customization of the cakes may need some extra hours to get rescued and so you need to obtain some cake before two hours of the dispatch time.

Floods and traffic jams are two things that are frightening for most residents of Jakarta and its surroundings. How could I not, every time the rainy season comes, this will become an annual ritual that seems to never run out of agenda.


Despite the many efforts that have been made by the government and residents, flooding still seems reluctant to be absent from the capital city.


Like it or not, like it or not, floods will always be seasonal "guests" who bring various kinds of problems with each arrival.


Losses caused by flooding


Many losses will be caused by flooding, various community activities must be forced to stop, schools are closed and the economy will be paralyzed due to the difficulty of access to transportation and accommodation in running it.


This is of course not good news for the stretching of people's lives, especially those who depend on their lives as entrepreneurs or freelancers who do not get a monthly salary from a company.


There is no guarantee that will hold them on to continue their life, because their source of income will be hampered and will not generate anything for a living.


It is not enough just to stop there, flooding will also leave various kinds of problems in the midst of society, such as: material losses due to damage to property and other assets submerged in flood water.


And what is no less dangerous is the outbreak of post-flood diseases which are generally included in the category of dangerous diseases, such as: vomiting, diarrhea and dengue fever.


This is of course a serious problem that cannot be tolerated, we need precise and fast steps to be able to return to normal life like before the flood occurred.


Even though we haven't found a really effective way to deal with floods and get us out of the annual agenda, we can take some actions to protect our safety and our assets.


In addition to providing ourselves with life insurance and health insurance, what is no less important for us to have is insurance that expands protection against flood risks.


What is Flood Insurance?


Perhaps many of us think that property insurance is sufficient to protect our entire home from all the risks that we might experience at any time.


However, it is better for us to recognize and understand that property insurance cannot protect our homes from the risk of flooding.


Flood insurance or better known as insurance for the expansion of protection against the risk of flooding is an additional product whose benefits we can enjoy by adding Best fire Insurance Company In US reviews policy to the property insurance we previously had.


In other words it can be said that flood expansion insurance is a kind of additional feature of property insurance.


So we can only have flood expansion insurance if we also have previous property insurance.


Flood expansion insurance will help us protect our home assets from the risk of losses caused by flooding.


This is of course very useful, considering that floods can come and damage our property and furniture.


Who Needs It?


Basically, flood extension insurance cannot be obtained by everyone, this is due to the policy of the insurance company which only provides flood insurance services only in certain areas.


Those who get flood expansion insurance services are those who live or occupy a house or property that is located in the flood expansion insurance coverage area itself.


In this case what is meant by home users is the owner or the person who rents and lives in the house.


How to get it?


Initially, flood expansion insurance was included in the coverage of property insurance, but along with the times and the increasing frequency of floods that occurred in big cities, the insurance service provider issued it from the property insurance policy and sold it separately.


We can get it by adding it to the property insurance we already have or buying it at the same time we buy property insurance. We cannot buy it without buying property insurance, because basically flood expansion insurance is just an additional policy for property insurance.




Before you take out flood insurance for your home, it's a good idea to learn more about the terms and procedures for filing a claim in the event of a flood disaster.


Also find out how much premium you have to pay. That way it will be easier for you later when submitting a claim for the flood disaster that you experience.

Us humans have loved gambling for a very long time now, with archaeological evidence going back to thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Oh yes, there have been finds that point to the fact that rudimentary playing card games were being played in 1000 BC China, which just confirms what we all knew already – we all love to gamble! There should be no surprise here either, as these types of games would have made up some of the earliest forms of human entertainment.

But here’s the thing; whilst humans on Earth have been gambling for several thousands of years, the first casino was only established a few hundred years ago in 1600s Venice. We don’t know about you, but that is pretty surprising to us, especially considering the sophistication of civilizations that came before such as the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks. Regardless, nowadays casino gambling is incredibly popular, so read on to find out about some casino games one must play at top casino sites such as 666 casino.


Roulette is without a doubt one of the most dynamic and instantly exciting casino table games on offer these days, mainly because its spinning wheel provides a huge amount of entertainment for a large variety of gamblers. In fact, when roulette was first introduced in the 1800s it took the gambling world well and truly by storm, and was actually responsible for the development of super casinos in places such as Monte Carlo.

The rules of roulette was fairly simple; gamblers must first place a bet on the bet table, and then watch as the dealer spins the wheel, hoping that the ball lands on the correct value to make sure their bet is a winner. One thing to always remember about roulette is that there are two different types, American roulette and European roulette. The former has twice the house edge of the former, so it is best avoided.


Modern slots are widely credited to have been invented by a particularly innovative Californian mechanical engineer called Charles D. Fey, who made some crucial changes to the rudimentary slot machines that came before, and ended up creating the Liberty Bell machine. Ever since then these games have fascinated gamblers across the world, and have been largely responsible for the gambling increase over the last century or so.

Whilst slot machines in brick and mortar casinos were becoming incredibly popular, it was the 21st century online slots explosion that really kicked things off. Nowadays online slots are responsible for almost half of all the gambling traffic in the world – pretty mental, right?


As far as casino table games go blackjack is definitely one of the most simple, however at the same time it has solidified itself as one of the most popular casino table games in the world too. Much of this is down to its simplicity, as even beginner gamblers are able to very quickly learn the basics.

Moreover, for expert gamblers blackjack is great because it enables advanced techniques such as blackjack card counting.


Flowers are a perfect example that carries sentiments of adoration, charm, and elegance. Varying hues of flowers convey a different meaning. That is why they are gifted on different occasions. The mute language of flowers touches the heart and, in the absence, fulfills the vacuum of not being present. Our spellbound online flowers bouquet order condenses the loveliness with joy and fills the surrounding with color, texture, and fragrance.

Place an order with our portal for delivery of bouquets within hours, at a fixed time, same day, midnight, or through express delivery. Flower bouquets are a compilation of varying types of flowers put together in a creative way to bring out the best attraction of them. When placed in any surrounding it gives positive vibes. Marigold flowers come in shades of yellow and orange; a bouquet of these flowers is heart-warming. Rose of different colors is most in demand for a bouquet. It stands for romance and love. It is usually presented to the female of the species like wife or girlfriend. Lavender colored flowers stand for tranquillity and fervor. We have such flowers in our collection. Imports Petunia flowers are not readily available we stock these flowers and you can place an order with us. Our fresh flower collection is also vast. We cater to all budgets and all economic groups. Gift with love.

Our portal prepares bouquets of different seasonal and non-seasonal flowers. You do not have to rough out in the market at the florist shops and then deliver it personally. Sit in the comfort of your home or office and through the internet contact us. Place the order and we shall execute it with responsibility. The delivery will be at the doorsteps. The quality of our product is of a high standard. The blooms are well wrapped and delivered in the sound state. The last several days. The other flowers in use are orchids, lilies, carnations, etc. The color selection is based on pink, red, yellow, and shades of these colors. From our portal, you can place national and international orders.

Our portal can help you deliver flowers all over Mumbai. Order flowers online Mumbai at any time. The cosmopolitan city of Mumbai comprises of people with a diverse background. The availability of jobs brings them here. Our flowers are so well displayed that they appeal to all sections of society. The competitive cost makes our portal very popular. The flowers and bouquets are hands delivered at the destination. We make birthdays, anniversaries, promotion, house warming, seasonal festivals, and all-important occasions special.

Just log in to our website and go through the catalog of flowers and allied products. Make your choice and put it in the cart. Move to the next page and fill in the name, address, date, type of delivery, and personal message. If you have any difficulty contact the customer care department and they will help you. Move to the next page through the click of the mouse and pay through credit or debit card. Once payment is made your order is booked. We will carry out the specifications with punctuality.


From the day you came into this world, your parents have made a lot of sacrifices and have done many things for you restlessly. And they have celebrated every birthday of yours like a grand celebration. As you are a grown-up now, it is your duty and moral obligation to make them the happiest by surprising them on their wedding anniversary. Whatever you plan, it must hit the right chords. 

And apart from the party planning, you should also include a lovely and beautiful gift in your surprise plan. Well, if you already planned something and have a gift in your mind, then you must go with it. But, if you don't, then we have some lovely anniversary gifts ideas that you can use to flabbergast your parents on their special day. 

What are they?

Let's find out!

Anniversary Flowers

Just like flowers spread happiness and calmness with their bloom and aroma, your parents are making your life better every day with their efforts. So, we recommend you to gift them a bouquet of blooming flowers on their anniversary. And to pick the flower type, search on the internet the flower as per the number of your parents' anniversary. There are various online florists that provide especially arranged bouquets for anniversaries.

Personalised Caricature

A caricature is the most humorous and loveliest item that makes a perfect gift. Gift your parents a personalised caricature of a couple. You can also get the caricatures prepared in the type of clothes that your parents love to wear. You can get it from the nearest gift shop, or you can visit an online gifting portal for the same. 

Rotating Photo Lamp

Another gift that your parents will surely love is a rotating photo lamp. Pick the four best pictures of your parents together and get them printed on the sides of the rotating lamp. This gift item speaks of togetherness and endless romance in the best possible way. The size of the lamp depends on the budget that you can spend. Photo lamps are also available on many eCommerce sites.

Photo Engraved Wooden Frame

You can also opt to gift your parents a photo engraved wooden frame on their wedding anniversary. This is something different, and your parents will surely love it. You can buy it from any online gifting portal, or you can look for the gift shop that provides such gifts near your home. Remember to pick the best pictures of your parents.

Anniversary Musical E-Card

This one is one of the new-age digital anniversary gifts for parents. An anniversary special greeting card that comes along with music and which can be saved forever. You can also add pictures in the musical e-card. After placing the order, you will receive the card over email and WhatsApp. On the anniversary of your parents, send it to both of them at the same time. Or if you have organised a party then arrange a projector and screen and play this musical e-card on that. 

Personalised Best Parents Ever Table Decor

For every son and daughter, his and her parents are the best in the world. And this will never ever change. Your parents are also the best for you, and hence we bring you personalised best parents ever table decor as an anniversary gift idea. This item has a heart-shaped space to hold a picture of your parents.

Card & Mugs Combo

This gift idea contains three items, and hence you can call it a combo. One special anniversary greeting for your parents, one mug for your mom, and one mug for your father. The card will tickle their hearts, and the mugs will be their first pick to drink tea or coffee. You can also get the mugs personalised with names and pictures of your aprons if you want. Pack all the three items in a box and wrap it with gift paper. 

A Paid Trip

How about sending your parents on a trip on their wedding anniversary? They are performing their duties towards the family restlessly for a very long time, and it's time that they should have some fun. It will be much better if the trip is fully paid in advance so that your parents can enjoy it without any worry.