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5 Wedding Ideas for a Post-Corona Wedding

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The corona virus has taken over the world by storm. With more and more people getting affected and death tolls rising and global economies falling, everything has come to a standstill. One other thing that the pandemic has inadvertently affected is weddings. Since social distancing has become the norm now, every social gathering of people is banned now. Hence all weddings are getting postponed or cancelled. The wedding industry is definitely going to need some time to recover from this setback and all won’t be normal as soon as this pandemic passes.

So, here are 5 wedding ideas for a post corona wedding!

#1. No more big fat Indian weddings

The one thing that sets Indian weddings apart from the rest of the world is the huge guest list. Literally anyone the couple has ever met in their life is invited to these events. So, the first and foremost thing to go when you’re having your wedding after the lockdown is the huge guests. Keep it small and intimate and only invite your close family and friends and maybe your colleagues. This is one of those wedding ideas that is going to come handy.

#2. Create a wedding gift registry

Wedding gift registry is one of the most practical gifting solutions out there. You can just create a registry online and add the things you want as gifts to the list and share it with your guests. Once the guests purchase the gift, it is directly shipped to the couple, hence they don’t go searching for the perfect gift amidst corona times or otherwise, waste their time and energy and they also don’t have to carry a huge box throughout the ceremony. It’s convenient for everyone.

#3. Use wedding website and wedding logos to personalise your wedding

Who doesn’t like personalized stuff today. Everyone is going gaga over customised and personalised stuff. So why not incorporate it into your wedding too? Create your very own wedding website with your story, pictures, functions and its details, gift registry, gallery and RSVP manager. You can also live stream your wedding on your wedding website. Another way you can personalise it is by creating your very own logo.

#4. Use online wedding invitations

Post this corona pandemic everyone is going to be weary of social contact. Also, this time has also taught us how unnecessary many of our travel engagements are. So the most practical thing to do at this juncture is to opt for online wedding invitations like e-invites and wedding video invitations so that it’s convenient for everyone.

#5. Use wedding apps to plan your wedding

Post this corona madness it’s likely that there’s going to be a surge in weddings and a few other things. So, finding vendors can be quite difficult. Instead what you can do is plan your wedding with the help of wedding apps. Using apps like Guested for guest logistics and Vowed app to share your wedding website and create a community with your guests are definitely some great ideas.

So these are the wedding ideas that you should probably take very seriously when planning your wedding in the post corona phase.

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