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Benefits of pest control service software for businesses and end customer

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Pest control services are a leading business of modern times as many residents look for these services in urban areas to keep their uninvited guests at bay. There are a number of the organization at present that concentrate on pest control services with the help of their dedicated team. But it has become mandatory for these organizations to keep in track of their employees, and the services offered by them, their client base, etc.

TO help pest control services manage their team and their work, Field Promax has come up with some of the best pest control service software. Let us discuss the important features, benefits, and advantages of this software here. This software comes wih a number of optimistic features along with a number of smart options. 

This software concerns with workflow-based pest control customized services and help its users with real-time benefits. This solution is been used by a number of service industries in the country as it makes the entire business interaction easy and customer friendly. It also eliminates paperwork efficiently and improves the productivity of the business, along with excellent customer experience.

About the pest control service software:

The pest control business management software from Field Promax is available in all mobile platforms and operating systems, such as Android for Google and iOS for Apple phones. With the help of this software, it is possible to manage the pest control services across different platforms. The software gives businesses the freedom to utilize both the android and iOS software. And it is pretty simple to use this software as this intuitive application does not require much training and complication.

Businesses can view all of their everyday tasks in multiple fonts and styles thorough their dashboard, calendar, and map. All of the views of the app have been designed in such a way that it helps people to understand their pest control field services from different angles and perspectives. The technicians can make use of this app to upload the images of the services rendered by them at the customer’s facility and also upload the signatures of their clients as well. Thus it helps in the end to end connection between the pest control services.

Advantages of the software:

       The software helps in bringing mobility to their pest control business
       The app helps in work order creation in both the field and the office
       Helps in satisfying the needs of the end customer faster
       For recurring orders, the software helps in generating work orders automatically, benefitting businesses.
       The app helps in strengthening client relationships and brings about top-notch security in the services
       Decreases the chances of making mistakes and makes the services efficient too
       Flexible platform for clients to place orders with pest control firms.

Final words:

This app not only benefits the customers but also the pest control businesses as it reduces the paperwork and sends invoices to the end customer instantly. Billing records are maintained and the app helps in extensive tracking so that it brings about good ROI for the business.

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