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Best ways to Online Shopping

Monday, April 6, 2020
Let's face it. We are all hurting because of the inflation. The prices have been rising tremendously from the past few years, and no one is expecting a price drop shortly. This brings us to limit our expenditure and saving without killing the budget. Shopping on abudget means you ought to decide how much to spend where and when beforehand. Overspending in one area will leave you with less amount to spend on other essentials, and it is a disaster. So, make wise choices and think long-term with the few tips given below.

Plan ahead

Figure out your income and make a chart of your monthly expenditure to decide where to cut down. List down your budget for the basic utilities in the order of their importance and avoid excessive spending. Plan your weakly meal so that you can use the leftovers and prepare something out of it.

Shop online

Online shopping gives you access to discounts and more choices at cheaper rates. You often get branded clothes at a cutoff rate from an online store than in a local retail shop. Also, avoid buying a single piece of clothing which requires you to pay the shipping amount. Adding a lot of stuff to your cart (essential ones) and buying it altogether, gives you a discount and free shipping at times.

Pay in cash

You are likely to keep track of your purchases more when you pay by cash and reject extras. Carry bare minimum cash required for shopping at a particular time and save yourself from the trouble of overspending. Also, using the debit card is an alternative where you can withdraw only the required amount of cash. Credit cards have proven to disbalance the budget. It's the psychology! We keep swiping the card and spending as much as needed with a thought of paying later and when the bill comes, we choke on the air.

Buying Extras during sale

Purchase those essentials that you require throughout the year, in heaps during the sale. However, don't overboard in a single month. Instead, save in advance and pay up-front when the time comes without worrying of the card bill. A sale doesn't mean you can buy anything and everything in the market. Keep a healthy approach on your clothing spending and limit the size of your wardrobe. Agree to add new only when the old ones are worn out. Don't fetishise the clothes sale!

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