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Get Affordable Facelift Of Your Bathroom With Acrylic Wall System Available In Toronto

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The acrylic wall system is the most trending and loved option to refinish your bathroom. It gives a stylish and chic look to your bathroom. The high-gloss texture gives a fresh and elegant look to space. This luxurious finishing immediately turns a dull-looking bathroom into a bright and clean space. The acrylic wall system surrounds all chips and cracks in the bathtub and turns the bathroom into a new one. Even if have you have an older bathtub no one can guess it. 

What is the acrylic wall system?

The acrylic wall system is installed directly on the surface of a bathtub or wall. It is made up of 100% virgin acrylic mixed with 85% ABS and 15% acrylic cap sheets to increases the flexibility and durability of the acrylic wall system. The acrylic wall system in Toronto gives a perfect glass-finish that reflects elegance and a blend of grace in it. You can maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom with minimal effort that improves the value of your bathroom. For installation purposes, it is recommended to use Liquid Nail Adhesive LN-915 or LN-715.

Benefits of selecting acrylic wall system:

1.      Easy and quick to clean:The acrylic walls have a smooth and non-porous surface that makes it easy and swift to clean.
2.      Attractive designs:The acrylic wall system looks beautiful and contemporary. It provides a cost-effective and trendy solution to replace cracks or chips in your bathroom. It gives a cool look to the bathroom.
3.      Time-efficient and affordable procedure:The installation process is simple and time-saving that adds comfort. The acrylic wall system in Toronto saves thousands of rupees as compared to traditional refinishing methods. Moreover, you can get long-term excellent results at affordable rates. The authentic installers take just one day to quickly fix acrylic walls.
4.      Select customized design and color: You can choose charming designs and aesthetic looking colors according to your taste.
5.      Durability: The acrylic wall system is impressively durable as compared to glass, wood, ceramic tiles, or aluminum finishing. Moreover, it is resistant to cracks and UV damage.
6.      Waterproof nature: The acrylic wall system is waterproof in nature. It has a tendency to endure moisture. Even the moisture growing walls has no effect on this type of refinishing.

How to install the acrylic wall system?

The acrylic panels are installed on a pre-existing bathtub or wall. The installation process requires exceptional skills and technical handling to firmly fix acrylic panels.
·         The process starts with site preparation. Make sure that the area is clean, neat, and dry. Use ‘’sugar soap’’ to degrease all spills, grease spots, and chips of soap attached on the surface or bathtub or tiles. Remove all the fittings that could interferewith you while installing the panels. Mark the point where you want to fix acrylic panels.
·         Measure the size of the wall or bathtub where you want to fix the panel. Make a template and cut according to the size. However, do not remove the protective sheet of the acrylic panel. Mark holes and lines with the help of a pencil.
·         Use a sacrificial timber board to cut the acrylic sheets with the help of portable saw according to your measurements. Use a high-speed fine cut circular blade having 60 to 80 teeth to cut gently.
·         Drill all the screws and finish the edges by using an electric planner. Add aluminum splash protectors on the edges to protect them.
·         Remove the protective covering and sand the surface. Cleanse the surface and apply silicon adhesive material. Apply polyethylene double-coated foaming tape.
·         Fix the panel and fill the gaps. Rub-down the panel to check whether it has firmly adhered or not. Seal all the joints and panels. Install the drainage fittings.

The bathtub refinishing in Toronto has the advantage of selecting the type of refinishing material, design, size, or color that goes with the rest of your house.

How to maintain the acrylic wall system?

You can only increase its shelf-life by cleaning it routinely. However, use a non-abrasive or mild detergent to clean it properly. Use a gentle and soft piece of cloth to clean them. Avoid applying excessive pressure on the walls or bathtub as it will leave scratches on it. Avoid rubbing and clean gently and mildly. The bathtub refinishing in Toronto has overcome the problem of busy people to change the outlook of their bathroom. Now you can a trustworthy company near you to fix all issues in no time.

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