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How to Pick a Floral Centerpiece for an Event

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Are you looking for a floral centerpiece for your upcoming event or party? Settling on a random choice after one minimal search or waiting until the last minute to decide on floral centerpieces is not a good idea. Right centerpieces can help set the tone of the event while making your event more magical. When you are shopping for floral centerpieces there are certain things to consider, from budget, to appearance, and the happiness of your guest.

How will you choose the right centerpiece? Here are a few tips from the Lafayette florist to pick the right floral centerpiece for your event:-

Consider the theme of the event

Before you start to search for a centerpiece, it is essential to consider the theme and colors of your party or event. Discuss with your florist ways to incorporate the theme in the flowers. For example, include a Mardi-Gras mask and beads, or playing cards, or feathers, to enhance the flowers and boost the theme.

Design for the size and shape of the table
If you are going to have circular tables, you’ll need centerpieces that look beautiful from all angles. On the other hand, for rectangular tables, it may be better to purchase two smaller centerpieces for each table and adjust the height to make the most of the space which is available to you. The Lafayette florist can help you choose the right floral centerpiece based on the number of people at each table, and whether they are seated or standing and moving around. You could select bouquets of various heights as it has an aesthetically pleasing effect, and you will have more space to play with different shapes and shades.

Keep the budget in mind
Once you have an idea of how many tables will be at your event, you can determine how many centerpieces you’ll need for the event. If it is a small event and you need only a few centerpieces, a budget may not be a big deal. But, for big parties or events, you need to budget carefully.  Your florist should be able to suggest ways of making a big impact at a smaller cost.

When choosing a centerpiece, consider the size as well. You may want grand arrangements raised above the tables, that create a statement. But, for smaller tables, it won’t be suitable and functional at all. If the tables are smaller, one small, stylish, dramatic design would be suitable.  Or go for smaller place settings. Don’t forget to ask your florist about hanging centerpieces, or a flower wall behind the head table. There are amazing, beautiful options for enhancing your event with quality florals. Take your time to make the best choice.

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