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7 Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

As the special occasion of Father’s Day is just around the corner, you must be sifting through gift ideas for your dad. After years of getting socks and shirts as presents, why not make something on your own? Personalized gifts for dad add a unique touch that cannot be bought from the store. And this effort is surely going to make your dad proud. So, to make this year’s present count, here are some ideas to help you create the best personalized gifts for father with DIY tips.

1.      Personalized Coasters

We all need coasters to avoid getting scolded from our moms, so why not make customized ones for your dad? These can simply be made with several materials whichever is easily available to you. You could crochet a coaster, make it out of wood cuttings, or use thread. To design it uniquely, get some paint and stencils. The next time your dad gets a drink, the coaster will surely make him smile.

2.      Customized Picture Frame

Pictures hold memories and who doesn’t love a little flashback of the good ol’ days? To create a DIY picture frame, you would need a frame that can be made from wood and some hooks to hang the photos. Print your father’s favorite photos and hang them on the hooks and there you have a picture frame! 

3.      DIY Greeting Card & Personalized Chocolate Box

It might seem as if greeting cards do not mean much, but words say a lot, so get started on creating a card. Make it as creative as you can and pen a special message inside. But also pair your greeting card with a personalized chocolate box as happy moments are supposed to be celebrated with treats. A delicious box of chocolates will make him the happiest dad!

4.      Customized Mug

You can easily get a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ mugs in the shop, but that won’t make it personalized. Which is why you can buy a plain colored mug and paint a special message on it. You could also design the handle of the mug with vivid colors or get a stencil for perfection!

5.      DIY Apron

Dads always take pride in cooking even if it might not be one of their strengths. But to commend him for the effort, you could make a special apron as a personalized father’s day gifts. This would require fabric paint and some funky ideas! So let the Van Gogh in you paint a masterpiece for your father.

6.      Customized Cake

All we need is a dessert, which is why you should bake one for him. You can effortlessly Google a recipe and choose a flavor that your dad loves. You bet your dad’s going to be astonished when he knows you baked it. But keep tasting your batter as and when you add ingredients as you don’t want to ruin it. Happy baking!

7.      DIY Tie Rack

Depending on whether your dad wears a tie, you could also turn this into a belt rack. You need a wooden plank, some hooks, and a hammer. Voila! You have a rack. You could paint the rack if you want or let it remain a classic wooden one. Such personalized gifts for dad from daughter will be a lifesaver for your father.

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