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7 Practical Tips Every New Web Developer Should Know

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Writing code and turning it into a website is one of the biggest creative and complicated tasks that you need to learn if you are a new web developer. If you are getting excited watching multiple websites and thinking to design and create websites like that then you need to know some of the important things that are necessary to know for a web developer, creating a website that gets a lot of user attention is not just involves knowledge of various programming languages, it needs proper knowledge about concepts like DevTools, data formats, testing, APIs, authentication and a lot of stuff that can help you to get indulged in this field.

Readout this article to know some practical tips that every new web developer should know:

It is the basic and most important knowledge or skill that every developer should learn, he should need to be an expert for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You need to use HTML and CSS in the frontend for interfaces. While clicking right on your web browser and selecting the view page source option, you will see the structure of your website which includes a lot of HTML, tags that have been used for different purposes. CSS is also useful for a frontend that decides the style, design, layout, and the way that the HTML element needs to be displayed on the screen.

Javascript is the highest demanded language nowadays, it is responsible for making the HTML pages more dynamic and effective. Javascript includes a variety of languages like PHP, Python, ASP.Net that gives a more effective and interactive look to your website.

2.    Git and Github
Git is also the most popular version that controls systems used in most of the organizations, chances are higher that you may need to learn and work on the version control if you are working as a web developer. It is always advisable to learn Git and the basic commands like cloning, pushing to repositories, merging branches, and others.

Github is used to push your Git repositories to host your code. It is used for collaboration or we can also say to allow developers to work collaboratively on projects.

3.    Browser DevTools
You can perform several things using browser DevTools, it allows you to work on debugging, editing HTML elements, editing CSS properties, checking devices, tracking javascript errors, and more. A web developer needs to be alert while using different tabs, in DevTools to make their work quicker and faster. Depending on your browser you can use any DevTools like Chrome Devtools, Firefox DevTools, or other browsers. Normally people use Chrome DevTools to develop, test, and debug web applications. But it is important to note that it depends on the choice of the developer which browser he wants to use to develop the website.

4.    API (Application Programming Interface)
If you are working as a web developer, you will need to work a lot with APIs that are basically dealing with third party data. It helps the developers to use its functionality without sharing the code. There is a tremendous Github repository of APIs that you can use for a different purpose and it also allows you to learn a lot of project ideas.

5.    MVC (Model, View, Controller)
MVC is a design that helps in saving a lot of time for developers separating the application in three sections, MVC makes the development process much faster and easier. A lot of the higher-level frameworks like Laravel, Django, Angular, and several others are based upon MVC patterns. In MVC, the basic thing is, the model is all about database interaction, and the view is responsible for the issues that the user faces on the screen and the controller acts as an interface among model and view. MVC helps in learning and helps you the frameworks for any programming language easily.

6.    Problem Solving and Searching
If you have finally decided to be a web developer, you should need to own some natural problem solving and searching skills. Problem-solving and searching skills are built after working on some projects, through data structures and algorithms, solving challenges, puzzles, and stuff like that but you need to keep practicing about everything.
It doesn’t matter that you are a beginner or an experienced web developer, you should need to continuously search for information, syntax, or solutions for problems while making the application. You can definitely encounter some of the errors that you are unaware of. You can also take Google or StackOverflow to solve your issues.

7.    Authentication
There are huge chances that you will need to deal with user authentication that helps in tracking the users on a specific website. For example, allowing the users to log in, log out, or to create some resources from their personal account, that user has created a resource or blocks some pages for those who have not logged in. The user’s security depends upon the authentication. So it is important to know how to deal with this kind of functionality in your web application.

There are several ways to perform authentication for different users and it depends on what programming language you are using if you use React on frontend and Node with Express in the backend that you have to use JWT ( JSON Web Tokens) for authentication if you are using Php then you may have to work with session and other cookies, you are also free to use Google or Twitter for login. So it is clear that there are various ways using which you can work with authentication but it is not a necessary concept in web development to learn and implement these.

There are several other steps that you might need to work on like writing tests, DevOps and deployment, problem-solving and searching, and many others. But following the below 7 steps are essential for every new web developer.

If you have decided to make your career in coding, you will learn something every second day, whether you are a fresher or an experienced one, you will need to keep on learning new things and process to become an expert web developer, hopefully, the above tips will help you to go ahead of your coding journey. There are several ways using which a new web developer can keep his head up and when it comes to offering coding services to a client, you definitely need to be an expert who can deliver all the client’s needs and demands.

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