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5 Tips to Share Your Story Online

Friday, July 24, 2020

Have you ever heard that saying, “stories change people?” Well, if you have got a story which has significantly changed you and your life. Then, you have an excellent chance to share it with other people to help them deal with a similar situation. Here I’ve discussed a few tips for you to share your story:

Act like John Doe

If you desire to share your story with the world, but your fear of hateful comments and worse public judgments. Then, don’t you worry anymore! You don’t have to reveal your identity. You can opt for secure online platforms and act like John Doe. You can safely release your story by making the best use of online anonymity.

Write Things Down

Understandably, it is your story, and no one can better share it with the world. Perhaps, there is less or no chance that you will tell it in the wrong way. But, it is significant to write things down beforehand. You can write your story on paper or your laptop screen. This way, you can effectively sort your story so that readers can easily make sense of everything.

Edit, If Needed

If you don’t feel comfortable covering every bit of your story, then you don’t need to share all the details. Avoid mentioning specific information, for instance, what dress color you were wearing or what time of the day it was. You need to share enough information to educate your audience about a particular subject.

Decide On Appropriate Audience

When it is impossible on your end to freely express your side of the story with everyone, then you should avoid TEDx talk or other public sharing platforms. It is ideal to select a segment of individuals to whom you want to share your life experience for educational purposes. You need to begin with a small appropriate audience on a blog to share your message.

Don’t Be Afraid of Reactions

You can keep reasonable control of the situation if you don’t get scared of the public reactions. Perhaps, you realize that your story can be positively impactful for many individuals who are going through similar life experiences. So take a deep breath and start writing your story on a safe online platform to help others.

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