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Reasons as to Why IRS Rejects 2290 Form Online

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

To file your HVUT form 2290 through e-tax 2290 is a very simple and easy step to follow. Even a first time user can also use the etax2290 services and it is recommended to every user that you go for electronic filing of the form 2290. It has been as it is made mandatory by the Government. There are many service providers who simply register with one of them and follow the simple steps and complete your 2290 form online. It can be possible that you must have submitted the form and after a review, it gets rejected. The IRS can reject it for many reasons.

No Additional Cost for Correction

The errors in the rejected form 2290 can be easily found and corrected and it can be refilled and submitted to the IRS. Plus, one of the best parts about this is that there are no additional costs that are required in making the corrections. The corrections in the electronic system are done with the help of an additional e-filing system. Through etax2290 you can refill the rejected form 2290 for absolutely free. Now, let’s look at some of the reasons for rejections by the IRS. One of the major reasons for rejections is the EIN which is not matching with the Business name when filing 2290 form.


This is one of the very common scenarios for the rejection of form 2290. You have to know and remember that when you are filing the IRS form 2290, you have to correctly enter the EIN i.e. employment identification number. And also the correct business name when you have registered with the IRS. If your EIN is not updated, then there is nothing to worry about, as it takes 15 days to update the EIN in the IRS database. So, when filing for the IRS schedule 1 copy or 2290 form when you apply for a new EIN make sure that the number is at least 15 years old, else it will be rejected.

IRS Rejects RTN

Then, again there is an RTN rejection if the tax payer is opting to pay their form 2290 filing fee through electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) option, then in such a case, the bank routing number is mandatory when filing for IRS form 2290. If you enter incorrect bank routing number or the routing transit number (RTN) the IRS will reject your form 2290. So, enter the correct RTN and re-submit to the IRS and get your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes. And also it is recommended that you double-check the bank routing number when filing for 2290 online.

Duplicate VIN

If your e-filing form 2290 or VIN is duplicate, and when you have already paid the truck tax for your vehicle identification number during the tax year and again if you are initiating the file of form 2290 for the similar VIN i.e. vehicle identification number. In that case, the IRS will reject the duplicate e-filing form or VIN. Submissions must not be duplicate of previously accepted submissions. Then, the missing signature is another factor, without a proper signature the form is invalid. And IRS rejects your form 2290 tax.

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