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Tips To Sell Your Gold Jewellery Successfully In Brisbane

Monday, August 31, 2020
For most people gold jewellery is more than something you adorn yourself with. We might be glib about bling but the truth of the matter is, it means something. You might have gold jewellery for cultural reasons, religious reasons or a slew of other reasons. Because ofits importance, there might be a small degree of paranoia when you sell gold jewellery Brisbane. Don’t let that get to you. With some research and right sources selling your gold jewellery in Brisbane should be a breeze.

Start with the basics. If you can get those right then you are well on your way to selling your gold Jewellery for the best price. Let’s look at what these basics are:


Have you weighed your jewellery? The price of gold is based on weight, so you need to determine the amount of gold present in the jewellery you are selling by weighing the jewellery. Work out the value of the gold content in your jewellery using the latest spot price. This means you will need to keep an eye on the price of gold everyday. This price fluctuates a lot and may change from day to day. You can find daily gold prices in a lot of financial news sources as well as on various websites run by gold dealers.


If you have gold that is in pristine condition you might want to consider the type of buyers you should be selling to. Most gold buyers run resale shops. They buy gold from the public and resell it to refineries. They are more like middlemen between you and a refinery. This means that the price they give you should allow them to make a profit from your gold. If they are only paying you for the gold content but you believe that your gold is worth more than just the melt value then find a buyer who will give you a price that includes the condition of the gold jewellerylike a jeweller, for example. A jeweller might offer something more if you have a well- designed piece of jewllery with gemstones. 

He or she may see the potential of having it sold for a decent amount of money as is. Some jewellers accept damaged gold jewellery but it depends on the damage. Let's say you have a necklace with a broken clasp- that can be fixed. Basically, they will buy broken jewellery only if it is fixable, otherwiseit's just scrap whose value will be determined by the amount of gold it contains.


Go to the internet and research how online gold buyers work. There's a whole variety of them and they work differently. Generally, you will have to send them your gold jewellery before you get paid, some however will ask you to provide specific information about the weight and purity of your gold and then ask you to provide a picture. Since they all require jewellery to be shipped, you need to find out if they'll be willing to cover insurance or not. You should be able to contact an online buyer on the phone, it is always reassuring when dealing with online buyers to hear a human voice at the other end of the line, someone who will talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Follow these tips and you could sell gold jewellery Brisbane  more easily receiving a higher payout.

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