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5 Ways To Care Of Your Shoes In Lockdown

Monday, September 21, 2020

Shoes reflect our personality. If we are taking care of our shoes, we are taking care of ourselves. But taking care is not just about polishing shoes daily. Our shoes need more than daily polish. It would be best if you keep in mind the other factors like moisture and weekly cleaning.

This is a common saying that the first impression is the last impression. So if you want to look presentable and do not want any awkward moments, making extra efforts will help you.

Now in a situation of a world pandemic where all of us are in our homes safe our shoes are just lying in a corner. As we are not using them regularly they are getting rough. When you're not using your shoes, incorporating other habits in your homes will keep your shoes intact. Invest in products like shoe horns to maintain the shape of the heel cup. These are little things you need to be aware of to have good looking shoes.

Thus, let’s talk about five ways to take care of your shoes in lockdown -

#1 Be Regular

No matter how many products you invest in this process, if you are not doing it regularly, they will not pass as care. Whether it is polishing, cleaning or even using other products like cream, and shoe horns, you need to be regular. Polish your shoes at least alternatively and include weekly cleaning in the method.

#2 Avoid Direct Sunlight

If your shoes are in contact with direct sunlight, then immediately remove them from there. Direct sunlight are harmful to shoe skin. It can cause dryness and eventually cracking of shoes. Keep them in an enclosed and airy area. In fact, not using shoe horns can also damage the shape of your shoes. So, buy good quality shoe horns.

#3 Do Not Pack Them For Long

Now, to prevent direct sunlight, don't pack them in a suffocating area. They need air circulation just like we do. Moreover, avoid plastic boxes to store them. Plastic box are very harmful to the shoes. Try putting them in a shoe rack where it can get some air.

#4 Routinely Clean The Sole

Only outside care is not enough. Shoes need 360-degree attention. Cleaning the sole of the shoes weekly will prevent harmful bacterias from residing inside the shoes. Not cleaning the sole for a long time can damage it. Try to clean it with a brush, or dust it out by tapping it on the ground. So, keep the sole clean and tidy to increase the lifespan of your shoes.

#5 Moisture Is Dangerous

Presence of moisture can lead to severe damages to the shoes. They will not only increase the chances of generating bacteria but will also eliminate the shine. The shoe will start looking dull and old. Thus, invest in silica pouches. It will lock the moisture and keep the shoe dry. Stuffing newspaper inside the shoes is another way to avoid moisture. But remember to change the newspaper weekly.

Final Words

The more you take care of your shoes, the longer they will stay with you. As we discussed earlier, keeping shoes in one place for a long time is harmful. So do not forget to care for your shoes in the lockdown.

Incorporating other products like shoe shampoo and shoe horns will be beneficial to get a long run with your shoes. Now, follow these simple tips to keep your shoes lustrous and clean.

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