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Several reasons to trade with cryptocurrency

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What is a cryptocurrency? A virtual or digital currency which is secured with cryptography is called cryptocurrency. Since it is secured with cryptography therefore it has a very less chance of faking or double spending it in any way. It is a new form of virtual money built on a network that is circulated across a huge number of computers. So, this decentralized structure gives them the permission to be independent and hence it does not come under the control of central authorities and governments.

Cryptocurrencies are the best virtual substitutes for traditional currencies which can be bought or sold anonymously by traders. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies can only be generated by computer so nobody can hold it physically but they can be used as physical currencies.


The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Ripple.

So, let’s check out the benefits of cryptocurrencies:

  1. Eliminates the middle man-Traditional dealings in businesses consist of brokers, legal representatives and agents. These people contribute in making the transactions complex as there are brokerage fees, paperwork or any special conditions that may apply. The major benefit of a cryptocurrency is that it completely eliminates the middle man as it is a one to one affair. So, it can clearly establish audit trials, makes it clear who should pay to whom and has a greater accountability.
  2. Confidential transactions - Because each cryptocurrency is a confidential exchange between two parties therefore users are protected from identity theft. Blockchain technology is used to underpin cryptocurrencies therefore no individual, government or institution has a central control on it. Thus, it ensures confidential transactions.
  3. Likely to help everyone - Cryptocurrencies have the potential to help everyone in need. As many people globally does not have access to banks or other financial institutions but they have access to the internet. Therefore, deprived people can get credit with the help of cryptocurrencies. Besides cryptocurrency has been proven to reduce corruption, helped the needy, and played a fair role in the redistribution of wealth. It has been a game changer.
  4. Hassle-Free international exchanges - With the help of cryptocurrency internal exchanges have been made hassle-free. As it is an online process so cryptocurrency exchanges can be made instantly without the hassles, complications and extra fees that are required for traditional methods in international currency exchanges. Besides third parties are also involved in the traditional currency exchange processes.
  5. Appropriate- Cryptocurrencies are the perfect digital assets for the modern world. Cryptocurrency can integrate seamlessly with the digital gadgets. Therefore, it is appropriate for making all the digital transactions on the go. It is born in the digital age so it goes well with all the other technologies.

Thus, we can conclude that cryptocurrency has numerous benefits in the era of the internet. Also, you can easily become a crypto trader. A crypto trader is a person who predicts the price direction of a certain cryptocurrency like bitcoin. So, the crypto trader can predict the rise of a cryptocurrency accurately with the help of support provided by CapitalXtend and therefore it will be a beneficial option for him to consult it.

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