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The Future is All About Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

We rely on technology to get our work done, and this applies to every facet of our lives. From communication, to accomplishing our personal and professional tasks, we depend on all kinds of gadgets and appliances. One of the most prevalent among them is the washing machine, with most of the modern households now owning a washer. According to estimates, the revenue in the washing machines segment in the country amounts to US $6,658 million in 2020, with the market expected to grow annually by 3.6 percent (CAGR 2020 - 2025).

Washing machines offer us greater freedom and convenience. No longer do we have to toil away during the weekend for hours washing clothes manually. Furthermore, washing machines today come with excellent features and the latest technology, completely eliminating the need for human intervention. This not only makes the process easier, but also enables us to tend to other work that might require our immediate attention.

When it comes to the washing machine’s operation, we can either opt for a semi-automatic washing machine, or a fully-automatic washing machine. Depending on the loading type, we can also choose between top-loading models and front-loading models. However, here are a few reasons why the future is all about fully-automatic washing machine models.

1.      Better Technology

Fully-automatic washing machines today come with a plethora of features and washing modes, along with the latest technology. Furthermore, quite a number of fully-automatic models come with in-built heaters, while these models also offer better functionality, and various loading options. For instance, the Samsung fully automatic washing machine (WA65M4205HV/TL, Light Grey), widely regarded as the best washing machine in India, comes with center jet pulsator, 7 washing programs, 5 water levels and auto-restart feature. These features enable fully-automatic washers to better wash the laundry, keeping your clothes spiffy and spotless.

Semi-automatic washing machines, however, are plainer and elementary in their working mechanism. While semi-automatic washing machines too come with various features, and have their own benefits, they aren’t as efficient as fully-automatic models.

2.      Greater Convenience

As the name suggests, fully-automatic washing machines are completely autonomous. That is, they can wash your clothes without you having to jump in between, either to change the settings, or manually remove the clothes for any reason between the wash cycles. Most fully-automatic washing machines also come with the auto-restart option, so that if the power goes out during the wash cycle, the washer can start on its own and resume washing your clothes once the power comes back.

On the other hand, semi-automatic washing machines require human intervention. Furthermore, most of the semi-automatic washing machines require users to fill in the water manually, while you have to pay close attention during the wash cycle. Upon washing the load, you have to then manually load the laundry into the dryer, after which it dries the clothes. While semi-automatic washing machines are relatively cheaper, fully-automatic models provide greater convenience.

3.      Ease-of-Use

Given the fact that fully-automatic washing machines come with various operating modes and features, they are easy to operate once you get the hang of it. Fully-automatic washing machines can also be top-loading machines, or front-loading machines, and are more water and energy efficient. On the other hand, semi-automatic washing machines, owing to their simplicity in terms of working mechanism, are also easy to operate.

While consumers believe that fully-automatic models are costlier than semi-automatic washing machines, you can find budget-friendly options in the market today. For instance, the Samsung fully automatic washing machine (WA62M4100HY/TL, Imperial Silver) is regarded as the best washing machine under 15000. It comes with an LED display, and boasts the Air Turbo Drying feature, which quickly and effectively dries your clothes in relatively less time. The washing machine is also aesthetically designed, and comes with impressive features such as Diamond Drum design, magic filter and center jet technology, guaranteeing fresh, stain-free clothes, while preserving the fabric’s integrity.

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