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Tips to Remember While Buying Formal Shoes

Monday, September 7, 2020

Most people consider purchasing a formal shoe based on the size, brand, and style alone. This is not all that you need to consider while purchasing a formal shoe. For you a formal shoe might only be one of the types of a shoe in a long range of shoes, but, a formal shoe goes a long way back. There are things more important than style, size, and brand. Here are some tips and things to remember while buying a formal shoe.

  • There are two types of formal shoes –
There are strictly formal and semi-formal shoes, both are formal shoes. Most people fail to realize this fact. Consider this fact while purchasing your formal shoes.

  • Formal shoes are not always about perfection –
Perfection is not something you should look for; a formal shoe should have some blemish or scar in the hide.

  • There is a simple way to find pure leather shoes –
If you are not an expert in identifying pure leather, then try smelling it, pure leather would be treated well and would have the smell of a polish and not plastic or chemicals. 

  • Stitching’s on a formal shoe is a key factor –
Subtle stitch is a key factor of fine crafted formal leather shoes, check carefully for such a stitching characteristic.

  • Choosing the size of a formal shoe is different from other shoes –
Formal shoe size should be perfect, not big nor small. Wear your socks while trying a formal shoe. The shoe should make you feel comfortable and not tight or irritative.

  • Never compromise on your comfort for style or brand –
If you have a broad toe, then consider avoiding leaner toe models. Even if the formal shoe you like is lean, avoid such shoes. No matter brand and style, you should be able to move your toes without any issue.

  • Too many options to select from –
There are more than 100 reputed on the market today that market formal shoes, if you are confused about which one to select, then we recommend that you go for the ones with a classic style. If you find it hard to identify a classic shoe, here are some defining characteristics, rounded front or round pattern and closed lacing.

  • You don't need to select a traditional colored formal shoe –
Gone are the days when brown or black were the hallmark color of formal shoes, today formal shoes are available in a wide range of colors. Based on the occasion and your outfit, consider purchasing an appropriate color formal shoe.

Most people assume that formal shoes should not be trendy and attractive, this is a false assumption. Monk shoes with buckles instead of lace, sleek and formal bots with lace are also formal shoes. Gone are the days when formal shoes were limited to one design. However, there are still people who consider only a few designs to be pure formal shoes. Use your common sense and consider purchasing a formal shoe based on the occasion and type of people around.

Selecting a formal shoe is considered to be a challenging process by most people, does not have such an assumption. If you know the right things to look for, it is easy as picking any other type of shoes. 

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