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What is Flood Insurance? Explained in Detail

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Floods and traffic jams are two things that are frightening for most residents of Jakarta and its surroundings. How could I not, every time the rainy season comes, this will become an annual ritual that seems to never run out of agenda.


Despite the many efforts that have been made by the government and residents, flooding still seems reluctant to be absent from the capital city.


Like it or not, like it or not, floods will always be seasonal "guests" who bring various kinds of problems with each arrival.


Losses caused by flooding


Many losses will be caused by flooding, various community activities must be forced to stop, schools are closed and the economy will be paralyzed due to the difficulty of access to transportation and accommodation in running it.


This is of course not good news for the stretching of people's lives, especially those who depend on their lives as entrepreneurs or freelancers who do not get a monthly salary from a company.


There is no guarantee that will hold them on to continue their life, because their source of income will be hampered and will not generate anything for a living.


It is not enough just to stop there, flooding will also leave various kinds of problems in the midst of society, such as: material losses due to damage to property and other assets submerged in flood water.


And what is no less dangerous is the outbreak of post-flood diseases which are generally included in the category of dangerous diseases, such as: vomiting, diarrhea and dengue fever.


This is of course a serious problem that cannot be tolerated, we need precise and fast steps to be able to return to normal life like before the flood occurred.


Even though we haven't found a really effective way to deal with floods and get us out of the annual agenda, we can take some actions to protect our safety and our assets.


In addition to providing ourselves with life insurance and health insurance, what is no less important for us to have is insurance that expands protection against flood risks.


What is Flood Insurance?


Perhaps many of us think that property insurance is sufficient to protect our entire home from all the risks that we might experience at any time.


However, it is better for us to recognize and understand that property insurance cannot protect our homes from the risk of flooding.


Flood insurance or better known as insurance for the expansion of protection against the risk of flooding is an additional product whose benefits we can enjoy by adding Best fire Insurance Company In US reviews policy to the property insurance we previously had.


In other words it can be said that flood expansion insurance is a kind of additional feature of property insurance.


So we can only have flood expansion insurance if we also have previous property insurance.


Flood expansion insurance will help us protect our home assets from the risk of losses caused by flooding.


This is of course very useful, considering that floods can come and damage our property and furniture.


Who Needs It?


Basically, flood extension insurance cannot be obtained by everyone, this is due to the policy of the insurance company which only provides flood insurance services only in certain areas.


Those who get flood expansion insurance services are those who live or occupy a house or property that is located in the flood expansion insurance coverage area itself.


In this case what is meant by home users is the owner or the person who rents and lives in the house.


How to get it?


Initially, flood expansion insurance was included in the coverage of property insurance, but along with the times and the increasing frequency of floods that occurred in big cities, the insurance service provider issued it from the property insurance policy and sold it separately.


We can get it by adding it to the property insurance we already have or buying it at the same time we buy property insurance. We cannot buy it without buying property insurance, because basically flood expansion insurance is just an additional policy for property insurance.




Before you take out flood insurance for your home, it's a good idea to learn more about the terms and procedures for filing a claim in the event of a flood disaster.


Also find out how much premium you have to pay. That way it will be easier for you later when submitting a claim for the flood disaster that you experience.

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