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What’s going on in underground casinos

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Gambling is legal in many counties, however, there are lots of countries where gambling is either illegal or is in some way restricted and this has in many ways created what is known as underground casinos which are completely illegal. However, it’s not only in countries with bans or restrictions where illegal casinos operate, but illegal gambling activities can also be found in countries like the UK and America where gambling is legal.  

In the tabloids you will often hear of high-stakes illegal poker rings and in films underground casinos are portrayed as dark, mysterious and exciting. But in reality, it’s a little more boring than that and they are usually anything but extravagant - maybe a few king casino slot machines in the back of a smoke filled bar or sweep-stake machines in the backroom of an internet cafe or even illegal poker games held in an unused office or storeroom. Nothing particularly exciting or alluring and with little of the benefits that legitimate establishments and online casinos will offer players.  

Some would describe underground illegal casinos as rather seedy establishments and not very appealing places to spend your time, or your money in comparison with the decadence of legitimate casinos. Out of the cases which have been busted so far in the US, over 30% of cases which were found were discovered to be illegal sports betting, closely followed by illegal slot machines.

Why do people use underground casinos?

After the mundane scenes that have just been described, it can be hard to imagine why they are frequented by some players and the main reason according to findings and research suggests it is down to convenience as well as some games becoming popular that aren’t legal everywhere. For example, sports betting is becoming incredibly popular with younger generations however it is only legal in certain states in the US which has meant more players are placing sports bets in illegal operations.

The dangers of underground casinos

Some players choose to gamble in underground casinos because they don’t think it is a big deal or that they are doing any harm, but in many cases illegal gambling operations are also linked with other illegal activities. For example, some sports betting rings which have been busted have been involved in distributing class-A drugs. Although, the majority of known illegal operations involve a few illegal slot machines and illegal card games or sports betting and sweepstakes.  

The risks of being caught using an illegal casino are fines or even time in prison, so it isn’t worth the risk, especially when you can play your favourite casino games conveniently at an online casino. However, many players play on illegal online casinos without even realising as many online casinos pass themselves off as legitimate sites when they are in fact unregulated and do not hold gambling licenses. There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, so before you sign up and deposit your money, be sure to check that the online casino is regulated and legitimate.

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