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5 Types Of Sports Shoes You Must Know About Before Picking One

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Whether you want to run for an hour or lift some heavyweights in the gym, having the correct pair of shoes is extremely necessary. They provide additional support to your body and ensure that nothing directly hits your feet. However, selecting the appropriate sports shoe can be a task in itself, especially when you don’t know about its different types. That is why we have brought here the top five kinds of shoes that will suit your different sports needs. So you will be able to pick the fittest one.

Along with this, you should also avoid inevitable shoe mistakes that can cause you further trouble. Let’s see the shoe types now.


#1 Hiking Shoes

The two basic requirements for hiking shoes include:


      It should provide stabilization on the uneven terrain during hiking

      It should safeguard your feet from various impacts during hiking


In order to fulfil these conditions, hiking shoes consist of a comfortable and cushioned insole with an overall sound design. Some variants also come with higher upper so that your ankle remains stable on the rocky surfaces.


#2 Running Shoes

Based on how your feet touch the ground, they can be divided into two parts: Supination and pronation. The running sports shoe designs are also made according to this factor. You can either analyze your own feet or ask a professional for help. If you fall under the supinator category, you will need more cushioned shoes. On the other hand, pronators require more stability than cushioning. So you will have to choose accordingly.


Running shoes also have minimalist variants. In this, you will get the feeling of running barefoot due to its lower heel heights. You can also check them out.


#3 Court Shoes

In case you often play court games, such as basketball, volleyball, and tennis, you will need a pair of court sports shoe. As these areas are already even, you don’t need much cushion in the shoes. Instead, you require more stability so that you can quickly jump or move in all directions without any worries. These options are usually designed with soft leather and have specific features for ankle stability.


#4 Walking Shoes

These are must-haves in your sports shoe collection because you never know when you will have to walk an extra mile. Walking shoes comes with a smooth tread and provide additional support against impacts. If you have any specific medical condition, you must keep in mind while selecting online sports shoe. While all walking shoes will benefit you, picking a rocker sole may help in arthritis or other similar medical problems.


If you love to go on long walks now and then, you must buy these shoes. Otherwise, you will end up hurting your feet and overall physical health.


#5 Cross Trainer Shoes

When you don’t want to buy different shoes for distinct sports purposes, cross-training variants is what you need. These get designed with a mesh material with stripes of leather. They are the most appropriate choice when you often find yourself switching between sports. However, these may not support high running activities. Thus, it would be best if you kept that in mind while buying them.


You can select any one or multiple variants from this list according to your individual sports shoe requirements. If you are a sports enthusiast, we will recommend keeping all of them in your collection. This will ensure you get the best support with the most appropriate shoes made specifically for the sport you are playing.

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