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Common types of sandals for women you should know about

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Many of you love to look great, wear your style and feel comfortable right? One thing that often women overlook is their footwear. Well, maybe you wear your shoes or sandals in the feet but don’t you feel that footwear is important?

If you are looking for comfortable sandals for women, you can get them in abundance. But the point is you need to have that intention. You cannot simply assume that you any or every sandals or shoe you choose is going to be enchanting and comforting. Come on, there needs to be proper idea about what exactly you are seeking and how you can get it. Following are some types of sandals that you should know about.

Know about the types of sandals

Indeed, since you have so many styles of sandals available, there is one sure option to fit your needs.  It is important that you know about different types of sandals so that you can make a right purchase as per your need.

Flip-flops  or thong sandals

These are the ultra-casual types of sandals and they are wonderful for lounging around or hanging at the beach. These sandals are easy to slip on and off and you can find them in a range of colours and patterns. However, the flat design  these footwear options have doesn't offer much support, which can make them sore if you are doing much walking.

Gladiator sandals

These are the sandals that possess multiple straps and they look like the design worn by roman gladiators.  Now, if you choose low gladiator sandals, they look amazing with jeans or longer skirts. However, if you pick higher gladiator sandals, they may go well with shorter dresses and shorts.

But remember that these gladiator sandals are not really meant for everyone. These sandals may give can give you the appearance of a broad foot and shortened leg.

Slide and  the slip-on sandals

These sandals are sort of backless and have an open toe with a band across the foot. Well, these sandals are typically available in casual, fashionable, and even that of sporty styles. You can easily slide on and off them. You will not experience any uneasiness once you wear them. Moreover, the sandals have the comfort for you to wear them in any occasion or event.

Sling-back sandals

Now, it is true that you already have this type fo sandal. However, you may not be knowing that the sandal has this name. You know, sling-back sandals feature a strap that wraps behind your heel. It is comfortable to wear and looks good but it should be of your size or it may make your feet sore.

Remember that high -heeled sling-backs are amazing for dressier occasions, while flat sling-back sandals offer you more casual style. So, choice is yours and you can pick the one that goes well with your comfort and style.


To sum up, since you know much about these sandals and their personalities and how they are used; you can be sure that you purchase the one that complements your activities, suit your personality, and gives you utmost comfort.

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