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Slots with Bonus Games to Play

Monday, December 7, 2020

 Bonus games have become an integral part of online slots over the years, it's hard to believe that they are a relatively recent addition to slot games or casino card game names. The first bonus game was only implemented into a slot in the late nineties.

Today, it's hard to imagine online slot games without them. Below are some of the best slots with bonus games to play.


This boxing themed slot from Playtech is based on the incredibly popular series of Hollywood films. The slot is a real knock out for fans of the Rocky series and the sport of boxing overall as the reels feature images that fans of both will be familiar with, players will also want to go the distance with this slot's incredible bonus features. There is a ROCKY feature, which gives the players x5 their initial bet if they manage to spell ROCKY on the reels. The knockout feature is triggered by players getting a white boxing glove on reel one and a red boxing glove on reel five. Players must then select an opponent from the films, either Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago or Apollo Creed. The slot then has a boxing match, every round that Rocky wins gives the players a cash prize! Visually, the slot is a wonderful mixture of the film aesthetic with a traditional slot. Expect to see characters from the movies as symbols on the reels, rendered beautifully by the top quality animation. Overall, Rocky is a real winner with its amazing bonus games and incredibly fun theme.

The Invisible Man

Developed by NetEnt, this slot takes its name and design from the classic film released in 1933. Originally based on H.G. Wells classic novella, the film is considered a classic in both the science fiction and horror genres, eventually being remade in 2020. Happily, this slot is firmly based upon the film with its designs and overall aesthetic perfectly capturing the tone of the 1933 blockbuster. There are five reels and twenty paylines in this slot, it has an RTP of 96.4% which is slightly above average. There are many bonus features for players to enjoy such as the Griffins rage feature and the Police free spins feature, both of which offer the player the chance to win some big prizes.

Avalon 2

This sequel comes from Microgaming, it manages to improve on its predecessor thanks to the mesmerising visuals, amazing prizes and enjoyable bonus games. Based on the classic Arthurian legends, Avalon 2 is predominantly a fantasy slot. It has some impressive graphics, with top quality animations and wonderful sound effects. There are loads of bonus games in this slot, players can expect to encounter Merlin bonus, Grail bonus, the lake of legend, Misty vale, whispering woods and many more. Packed with a huge variety of bonus features and featuring some amazing gameplay and graphics, Avalon 2 is a rare sequel which manages to improve on the original.


Bonus games are an important part of any slot. For some players, top quality bonus games are what makes online slots so much fun.

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