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Valentine’s Week: The Grandest Celebration Of Love

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Love is indeed the greatest joy on earth. It is a feeling that keeps us alive and gives us hope in the direst of situations. Valentine’s week is the celebration of this serene feeling. This week is celebrated in a grand manner all across the world. People give each other Valentine gifts and express all their love and care that they hold for each other. Valentine’s week contains days which all have several different meanings. Each day is celebrated quite distinctly but has only one thing in common, love. Let’s look at the whole week and understanding their meaning day by day.

Rose Day

It is a beautiful day that is celebrated with roses and beautiful flowers. It signifies blossoming of love and people exchange flowers to symbolize it. Valentine day flowers hold a very special meaning and significance in everybody’s life. Red roses are bought and exchanged all over the world on this day.


Propose Day

Propose Day is the day of expression and confession of love. People in love propose to their partners on this day and make promises of commitments to each other. It is a beautiful day when you can just say everything that your heart has been holding since forever and impress your partner completely.


Chocolate Day

This day signifies the sweetness of love symbolized by chocolates. Couples in love gift each other chocolates and spend time together celebrating their love and passion for each other. You can also get chocolate Valentine cakes and surprise your partner completely. Each day signifies a different aspect of love and chocolate day signifies the sweetness of it.


Teddy Day

Teddy Day is symbolic of the innocence of love and all the matter of our heart. Heartfelt feelings and love are sensitive and very vulnerable. Couples, by giving each other teddys, acknowledge this vulnerability and innocence of love that they hold for each other. So, it is a great day to gift your partner a soft toy and celebrate the innocent feelings your heart beholds.


Promise Day

Promise Day is the day of commitments and promises that we make to our partners. This Day also holds a special meaning for everybody. Couples spend time with each other and make commitments of lifelong companionship.


Hug Day

Embracing the person you love is the most peaceful feeling in the world. Hug Day that falls during the valentine’s week celebrated the significance and beauty of a hug between lovers and even friends. It makes you feel special, safe and protected from the outside world.


Kiss Day

This is a day that celebrated romance and the gesture of blissfully kissing your partner. Couples kiss each other and spend quality time together to celebrate their love and relationship truly. This day holds significance and meaning for everyone around the world.


Valentine’s Day

Finally, Valentine’s Day marks the culmination of Valentine’s week and is the greatest celebration of love. People exchange gifts, spend time with each other and celebrate their bond and relationship. It is one of the most popular celebrations in the whole world. If you want any gifts from Valentine’s Day, then go to our online gift shop and get yourself some amazing deals and discounts. We have gifts that would suit every one of the days that fall within Valentine’s week. Enjoy our products and make sure to love your partner on valentine’s day.

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