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Know the symptoms of andropause in men

Monday, January 25, 2021

Andropause: how is it revealed, and at what age?

Andropause or "age-related androgen insufficiency" refers to all the physiological symptoms connected to the drop in testosterone secretion in men, usually 45. Andropause is not exactly the equivalent of menopause because there is no reduction in fertility associated with this decline in testosterone," underlines Dr. SebastianBelay. Andropause happens outside of any pathological context that could explain the drop in androgen secretion.

The analogy is usually made between menopause in women and andropause in men. But, these two biological phenomena are not so similar.

The andropause, also named Dala androgen insufficiency related to age, is a notable drop in the hormone testosterone, making it difficult for men. As with menopause, it is a hormonal change that happens over the years. However, andropause is not related to menopause in that it is not associated with a loss of fertility, and it affects only 10% of men aged 40 to 59 and 20 to 30% of those aged 60 to 69.

At what age does andropause develop in men?

Around sixty. But from the age of 50 or 55, there may be signs of andropause or hypoandrogenism, that is, a decrease in male hormones. This is also one of the big variations with menopause, where female hormones do not drop but stop completely. All women will be postmenopausal, usually around their fifties, while all men will not have andropause and are not sure at the same age. Some men will not feel the results until around seven years old!

Signs in men

Andropause can manifest as a reduction in intimate appetite and erectile difficulties. Men with andropause can also have insomnia, weight gain, and extreme sweating, which adds a general drop in tone.

Summary of symptoms:

·        A decline in libido.

·        Less hard and less frequent erections.

·        Episodes of sweating autonomous of physical effort.

·        More frequent tiredness, more laborious physical rehabilitation after efforts.

·        Sleep disorders.

·        Risen nervousness, more frequent irritation.

·        A depressive tendency.

·        A reduction in muscle mass.

·        An improvement in the abdominal perimeter.

·        Bone frailty.

·        More frequent muscle and joint pain.

·        A regression of hairiness. 

What are the chances in case of andropause?

The drop in testosterone changes sexuality, but also the heart and arteries. The cardiovascular chance is therefore raised in the event of andropause. Muscle mass declines, as does bone strength, and there is an enhanced risk of fractures—abdominal fat gains. Fildena and vidalista 60 are best at treat ED. As testosterone has a protective effect on neurons, it serves to protect against Alzheimer's disease. Also, curing testosterone insufficiency is not just about libido!

Is the body shaping?

There is an improvement in waist circumference because more fat is stored there. To make things worse, the man will lose muscle, which will turn into fat more usually than not. And this new image, less athletic, can be challenging for him.

We can also note a hair reduction, both on the legs, thighs, arms, chest, or beard.

And the skin usually becomes thinner and clears up. The men appear in my office with old photos of them speaking to me: "Look, I am softening!"

Then androgens, the male hormones, can convert into estrogen because fat emits estrogen. At this stage, gynecomastia can happen: the breasts gain a little. However, we must recognize gynecomastia from a simple distinction due to overweight. To check if the mammary gland is growing, it can do an ultrasound or mammogram. If this is the case, we will recommend to the patient and a sufficient diet to make liposuction on the breasts' level to remove this excess fat. Thus, he can begin to get shirtless again, in front of his wife, on the beach, or go to the gym. It will improve his life!


Only 2% of testosterone circulates freely in the blood. It is essentially bound to two plasma proteins: albumin and SHBG (strongly bound). The drop in testosterone secretion is produced by aging on the one hand and the rise in the level of SHBG or "globulin linked to love hormones" on the other hand. This increase has the effect of eliminating usable testosterone from the bloodstream: it thus helps andropause and its physiological signs.

Can we treat andropause?

The first therapy for andropause is to continue a physical exercise if you are inactive because, after 30 minutes of activity, testosterone improves naturally. However, it is important to do less than 2 hours of sessions because testosterone reduces again after this period.

Prostate treatments can begin to andropause

The rise in SHBG level is also connected to various pathologies (e.g., cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism) and the catch of specific treatments, e.g., anticonvulsants. "Anti-androgens applied for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer may also be required," before specifying that this is also the case with special prostate adenoma treatments (dutasteride, finasteride) and treatment toward hair loss.

Are there any side effects?

Andropause can be treated with medications that supplement testosterone, but there are some difficulties: 

This treatment only goes well in 30% of men with andropause. This is why the physician offers a trial therapy of about 3 months, which will only be extended if the symptoms improve.

Once started, this therapy blocks testosterone's natural creation by the testes. It will therefore be important to continue this treatment for life. Tadalista and vidalista 40 are also great choice to treat impotence. If it is stopped after many years, the testes may have trouble restarting this issue of testosterone.

Is it suggested to take testosterone?

Adopt a healthy lifestyle: avoid overeating, do not eat too fast, also sweet, too salty, lose excess pounds. Quit smoking and drinking too much. By recovering a healthy body, a man will already feel less tired and better about himself. But do not measure the hormone level at this stage: this would only discourage him because testosterone rises gently!

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