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Want to purchase Water Bottle Online?

Friday, January 29, 2021

Tupperware manufacturing the water bottle to store the water. Water bottle is broad uses in our daily life.  The school students and employees always take water bottle when they visit their school and offices. Plastic water bottles are made up by high quality plastic.

Tupperware bottle’s features:

Durable and break-resistant



BPA free / environmentally friendly

Easy to clean

The wide cap fits ice cubes

Not suitable for dishwashers and microwave ovens.

The steel water bottle made by stainless steel is an alternative to plastic bottles. It is light and functional. The perfect bottle for a trip, picnic, going to work or school. Keeps warm and cold up to 12 hours. Both the inner and outer walls are made of durable, high-quality 304 stainless steel. This allows the taste and freshness of the drink to be preserved without the penetration of other aromas. The bottle is BPA free.

How to choose a bottle?

Below are some tips on what to look for when choosing a water bottle (and more). Each point is important, although you may have different priorities (for some the weight will be the key, for others the material from which it was made).

1. Capacity

In my opinion, the bottle should be at least 500 ml, which is the right size for everyone. The bottle is still small, but you can easily quench your thirst. If you want to take the bottle for training, it is possible that this capacity will be too modest for you, but if you go for a walk, you just leave the house, or even more so you will be able to refill the bottle with water, e.g., from the tap, then 500 ml is just right.

2. Material

All the bottles described today are made of non-plastic material. We have glass, metal and sugar cane. And there is nothing to cheat, glass and steel bottles are definitely heavier than those made of plastic. What is better glass or stainless steel? Glass bottles are completely indifferent, you drink like from a glass and in my opinion, it is a huge plus, because you don't really feel the taste / smell and the "touch" sensations are in my opinion neutral.

3. Convenience

The bottle should be comfortable for you, there are those with a wide spout, there are those with a more "bottle-like" narrow or even spout. It's hard for me to say which one is the best drinker, I prefer the widest ones myself, but I am not saying that in fact it is the only correct option.

4. Weight

Weight is an important consideration when choosing a bottle, some weigh 200g and others over 400g! This is a huge difference, especially since you add 500 ml of water to it! Of course, if you take a bottle to your car, it doesn't really make any difference to you, but if you take it in your backpack on the trail, every gram will be important.

Why Tupperware bottles?

In the extensive range of Tupperware products, you will find a large variety of water bottles in different shapes, designs, colors, quantity and different characteristics. There are water bottles for children with cartoon characters printed on them and on the other hand, you also can get the Tupperware thermal flask to keep the liquid warm in winters. You either can gift it to your friends or can use it personally to bring it to college, office or during travelling.

Different types of water bottles are available at Tupperware, you can sort he list according to your requirements and you will always get the best product guaranteed.

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