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Six Types of engagement Ring Designs for The Bride

Thursday, April 29, 2021

A engagement is one of the happiest occasions in a person’s life. For a woman, her engagement ring is as important as selecting her bridal dress while holding so much more meaning to it. Selecting a engagement ring can both be and a harrowing experience. To ease the matter, here are six engagement ring designs for the brides that are popular and beautiful as well.


1. Shared Prong Diamond ring – These features a row of diamond that is without a metal border. It allows maximum light to reflect and sparkle. Diamond brilliance is all you see in a prong-set diamond ring.


2. Scalloped pavé diamond ring – Many brides tend to gravitate towards a scalloped pave diamonds. The style of this ring gravitate features rounded cutouts on the sides of the band. It helps minimize the amount of visible precious metals thus creating and effect of pure shimmer.


3. French pavé diamond ring – The French pave refers to a particular engagement ring design where the method of setting accent diamonds to maximize the amount of light that hits them from all sides. Thus, it gives out an incredible sparkle. When it comes to French pave setting, the metal forms a U or a V shape underneath each diamond. It can even take the form of a “fishtail” exposing the size of the diamonds.


4. Plain engagement bands – engagement ring styles such as plain engagement bands have now embellishments and are timeless and classic. They are traditional as well as comfortable and are available in platinum, 18k yellow gold, 18 K white gold and 14K rose gold. They are very beautiful and match with everything.


5. Eternity ring – engagement ring designs such as the eternity ring is a beautiful ring on its own. The diamond eternity band features gemstones that are completely wrapped around the finger allowing the band to sparkle and shine from all angles. However, you need to know that eternity rings are very hard to alter in case your ring size changes over time. You will find many shapes and styles when it comes to eternity rings to make the best possible choice.


6. Sapphire rings – Add a splash of color to your engagement ring as well as your engagement set by choosing a band that has sapphire accents to it. engagement ring designs such as these can be very alluring for the couple whether you had a sapphire ring for your engagement or not. They look very pretty apart from coming off as unique ring for your wedding.


Selecting the perfect engagement ring style for the bride is not easy, especially when there are several deigns to consider. Take into account most loved contemporary design elements as well as those that suit her style and personality. Also, learn about the options that are available at Engagement Rings Direct . This especially in terms of solitaire  gemstone setting, band, gemstone setting and the finishing details. Enlist the help of a professional jewellery designer to help you with your engagement ring designs.

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