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How to install an electric shutter door?

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Regarding the installation of electric shutter doors, there are items that must be observed in the installation process from measurement to assembly, and you can see these items in the section of shutter door installation tips. In this section, we will mention a few cases that play an important role in installation. They are in charge of electric shutters.

To start the installation, the general frame of the work must first be determined. The width and height measurements have already been done, and to order the width, the size from behind the shutters is considered.

Before measuring, consider whether the shutter rails can be screwed directly to the wall or whether iron is needed.

Electric shutter installation location: Here we assume that the installation of the automatic shutter door is ready.

Since in some parts of the installation process of electric shutters, the device motor must be used, it is better to install electronic components first.

The components of the electronic part are the receiver and remote board, which are first installed on the wall and in the place for which we have intended.

Therefore, pay attention only to safety issues so that it is not easily accessible to everyone after installing electricity, and also connect the receiver input in such a way that the motor can be easily connected to it in the next steps and if needed.

The wire comes out of the motor of the device, one of which is connected to zero and the other two wires are connected to the phase to move the motor in up and down directions. Connected to the power supply and must be connected to the device board.

Shutter door

Drop-down door (Rolling Shutter Door) several features that build on these features has a high percentage of sales. Shutter doors have been welcomed by the public due to their security and beautiful appearance. Automatic shutter doors are easy to operate and make it easy to do many things.

Electric shutter door

Electric shutter doors are one of the most important equipment that should be used in the construction of the parking lot; because in addition to giving more security to places, it will make the facade of the building more beautiful. This door can be used in two ways. One of these methods is to use it as the main door and the other is to use it as a side door. The shutters of the parking lot are inside the building to prevent unknown and miscellaneous people. Today, you can see the shutters of parking lots in most buildings.

Manual shutter door

Manual shutter doors are one of those doors that are very time consuming to use. A mechanism such as a screwdriver is used to open and close these doors. Manual shutter doors can be used for doors and windows. Manual shutter doors are weaker in terms of security than automatic ones. Also, its maintenance is much more than electric shutter doors; but manual shutter doors are also very popular among many people and they prefer it to automatic type.

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