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Product Photography Pricing – How Can You Avoid Paying More Than You Need To

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Professional product photography is an excellent investmentfor businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small company or a large enterprise, it is important to set aside some funds for high-quality product photography, especially if you want to sell items online. However, many people unknowingly spend more than they need to on professional photographs. You can get good-quality images at affordable product photography pricing. Here are some tips that can help:


1. Find the Right Studio


The first step is to find the right studio for product photography. This is a highly competitive field and many wedding, nature, and portrait photographers have started to offer product photography services as well. Consider the tips mentioned below to find the right studio for the job:


·         Look for highly rated photography studios in your location.

·         Visit their website and look at their portfolio.

·         Check their social media profiles.

·         Ask whether they have experience with product photography.

·         Request references and speak to their past clients.

·         Look for studios that can process a large number of products at the same time.

·         Ask the studio if they have insurance coverage.

·         Ask the studio if they can provide models that fit your branding.


Studios will freely offer information and answer your questions when you contact their customer care. All information regarding a photographer will be easily available online so your research shouldn’t take too long.


2. Focus on Value


It is easy to focus on the cost instead of the value, especially if you don’t know much about product photography pricing. Many studios will quote a low price but exclude things you need for your projects like props, models, and outdoor shoots. It is important to understand what’s included and excluded from the quote, compare the estimates with other studios in your area, and determine which photographer offers the most value. Make sure the quote includes everything you need and discuss all additional costs with the photographer.


This way, you’re not blindsided by the final cost of the project and know where your money is going. Clients often end up paying more than they need to because they don’t study the quotes provided closely enough.


3. Consider Third-Party Costs


There are a few third-party costs to consider when you decide to invest in product photography. These costs usually aren’t included in product photography pricing. For example, the cost of shipping the products to and from the studio isn't included in estimates provided by professionals. While the studio can make arrangements for you, it is usually up to the clients to get the products to the photographer.


That’s one of the reasons we recommend choosing a studio close to your location. Shorter traveling distances can help reduce the costs significantly. Discuss these third-party costs with the photographer and ask them for advice on how to cut corners.


4. Calculate Cost Per Image


Calculating the cost per image will give you a clear idea of what to expect and how to plan a budget. You just need to add up all the expenses, including the third-party costs like shipping, storage, and insurance, before dividing the sum by the number of pictures you get. For example, if the total cost adds up to $6000 and you get 100 images, the cost per image is $60.


Product photography pricing can vary from one studio to another so look at your local prices before determining if the cost per image is reasonable. For example, pricing in New York City will be higher than the pricing in some small towns in Ohio.


5. Choose the Number of Images


Choose how many images you want to add to your product page. Experts recommend anywhere between 3 and 5 is suitable. Amazon allows business owners to upload eight images. Don’t upload just one or two images because that’s insufficient and will encourage customers to seek out your competitors.


The more images you add, the more information you provide. More information makes it easier for people to make purchase decisions, which improves their overall experience. Customers are more likely to return to your store if they have a good experience.


6. Understand Product Photography Pricing of Different Styles


Different product photography styles have different product photography pricing. Images with a plain white or solid color background are more affordable because they require less work. Images with props or interesting background elements can be slightly more expensive. Images with models and outdoor locations are the most expensive because there are several additional costs to consider like model fees and location permits.


You can choose to limit the number of expensive photographs and add more product on white images to your page. That will help save money and still ensure you get good ROI.


7. Consider Bulk Orders


Photography studios spend a lot of time, effort, and money to acquire clients. They are often willing to offer steep discounts for businesses that want bulk photography. If you have an inventory of over 1,000 products, the studio can cut down the cost per product significantly. People can save thousands of dollars by placing a bulk order.


Make sure you trust the studio to do a good job before placing large orders. It is also a good idea to ask if they can handle production photography and process all of your items quickly.


8.Do You Need Insurance?


If you have expensive and/or delicate products, you may need to invest in insurance. While most reliable studios have insurance, they may not be able to cover all losses. Good insurance coverage will help you save money if the product is damaged or lost during the shoot.


These points will help you understand the true product photography pricing and make informed decisions. It is a good idea to set a firm budget early to avoid overspending. Discuss with your photographer and ask them where you can cut corners. They will offer straightforward advice based on your concerns. Always do some background research on the studio before hiring them to avoid problems down the line.

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