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Expert Tips to Plan a Spring Hens Party

Friday, October 29, 2021

When you are planning to organise your pre-nuptial celebrations, the weather and the time of year have a significant impact on the celebrations. If you are planning for a summer wedding or looking for an outdoorsy, organising a spring hens night would be an ideal option. Spring is the prime time to plan any celebration, as it provides you with plenty of fun ideas for themes and activities. Here we’ve listed a few themes that will help you plan a perfect springtime hens party.

Fairy Theme

If you are the one who loved celebrating fairy themed birthday parties as a little girl, then you’ll surely love this idea. From flower and butterfly cookies to cupcakes decorated like small mushrooms and woodland creatures, you have a lot of options to spruce up the party atmosphere. You can also encourage the party guests to make their own floral crowns and wings to help them become fairies themselves. This would be a fun hens party activity too.

Picnic Theme

Spring is a great time to get outdoors. So, why not choose a picnic themed hens party? Decorate your backyard with a traditional printed tablecloth and red and white napkins to instil a picnic feel among your guests. Also, play conventional picnic games, cheap hens party games and other activities to entertain your guests and have a fun-filled hens party. You can also add some party favours and sweet treats in small picnic baskets and hand them over to your guests as return gifts.

Wildflower Themed Party

Flowers are a dominant presence in the spring and can be used as a lovely party theme. Choosing a wildflower theme for your hens party captures your vibrant personality with beautiful flowers and chic d├ęcor. It shows your creative and funny side. You can complement your wildflower theme with cute and colourful decorative accents.

Pool Party

Thinking of a springtime hens party? A pool party is a fun and unique way to celebrate your last night of freedom with your close friends and family. Throwing a pool party for your hens night is a great way to get all the ladies in high spirits. Lounge around the pool in your favourite floral robe and get the party go by playing a few fun and cheap hens party games. You can find cheap hens party games online at affordable rates.

Spring is the perfect time of the year to celebrate a hens party as it provides super cool, fun party ideas that are sure to make your guests involve and enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Invite your besties and start planning for the big night. Visit Hens Night Shop to find the best quality hens supplies at affordable rates. 

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