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Know all about the marriage certificate attestation use

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

In various countries, there are various procedures that one needs to follow to get different kinds of certificates verified or attested. Likewise, in UAE, various laws are in place to be followed with utmost precision to get a certificate verified or attested.

How to get marriage certificate attestation UAE

The marriage certificate attestation uae is the act under which a marriage is witnessed or verified by an authority with the help of a seal or a signature. It is either done by a person, persons, or a department that issues the certificate. The marriage certificate verifies that a certain or specified authority has issued the marriage. It also verifies that the seal and signature on the certificate are from a genuine authority or department.

Obtaining a marriage certificate attestation is a way of legalizing a marriage or procuring a stamp from the UAE embassy. It is done so that the marriage certificate can be taken as a valid document in the UAE for anyone residing there or planning to move there for any purpose. It is the document that proves to other countries that two people are legally married. It can also help obtain a family visa or even sponsor one's spouse. This process can be quite lengthy and requires multiple steps to be followed with complete precision and efficiency. It also requires a lot of time and patience. The time required for the attestation of such a certificate may vary. It depends on many factors.

How to get apostille attestation UAE

The apostille attestation uae is under which a particular document is verified or attested following a specific format. It is acceptable in all nations that are part of the Hague convention. It is an international attestation that is widely accepted. Almost as many as ninety-two countries accept these documents as valid.

However, there are also ways to be attested by various countries that are not part of the Hague convention, such as the UAE. These countries require a lot more or further documentation for the legalization process regarding document validity. This is a process that needs to be carried out with the help of the Embassy office or is carried out at the Embassy office. Documents that have already been attested and do not have any expiry date can be used in place of the original. These certificates are taken to be completely valid.

However, some documents need to be updated every six months. These documents include the case files. If the documents fail to get updated, neither the embassy nor the consulate will accept these as valid.

Apostille attestation is required for selected documents. These documents include degree certificate attestation, diploma certificate, school certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc. Getting this certificate has many advantages as once attested by one country, these certificates are valid and accepted by all other countries. This provision has made the task more accessible and more convenient for many.

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