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Challenges working mothers face and ways to overcome them

Sunday, August 21, 2022

For many years, a mother has always played a role of a nurturer. Apart from being under many constraints, a mother has always carried out the responsibility of caring for her family. But, as time passed, many women are working at many companies.

In that case, the mother becomes aware that it is not good to leave behind her children just for the sake of her career. So, in this article, we shall cover numerous challenges working mothers face and how they can overcome them.

What are the different challenges that a working mother faces?

Inability to maintain a fine work-life balance 

It can be quite exhausting and tedious when a woman carries out her responsibilities as a working professional. In addition to handling different workplace responsibilities, the women have to manage the household chores and take care of their children. This, eventually, impacts the work-life balance. And can considerably affect her mental and emotional health.

Constantly coping with guilt

Whenever a mother considers her responsibility to do as much as possible for the family, she has many dreams and aspirations. But, as per societal norms, a mother is considered to be the sole nurturer in the entire family. Due to this fact, the woman will continuously feel guilty and conscious about what she wants to do ahead. Many questions will always arise when the mother chooses a career instead of taking great care of her family.

Facing questions regarding priorities 

In today’s world, there’s always a difference between how individuals look at working women and men. While men still continue to work in different domains, they often play the role of someone who earns money to support the family. But, when a lady thinks about being a working professional, many individuals will question her sense of commitment. Moreover, people will also think about whether the woman has set her priorities in a better way.

Finding time for herself and the family 

While a woman tries to play the role of a mother and a working professional, she can forget to set aside some time for herself. She will also not be doing something different at leisure, even on leave. It will not be possible when she thinks about spending some time with her family and her children, especially on weekends. She either has to take care of the household chores, or she will be pretty tired of spending some time with her children.

How can a working mother overcome the challenges?

Even though it can be tough for a woman to set herself free from all the troubles, there’s always a solution to deal with different situations in her life. So, let’s go through some ways that can help to overcome the challenges and how to be a good mother.

  • Before the woman starts her day, she needs to organize and plan her work for the day. Once she learns the art of organizing everything, she can manage time effectively.

  • Despite being busy throughout the day, the woman must always make sure to develop a relationship with her husband. After some time, the husband must acknowledge her role as a parent apart from being a working professional. He must also realize that he must also take care of the family as his wife does.

  • When the woman continues to work at a company for a long time, her colleagues and superiors must understand the importance of her family. So, in times of urgency, they will understand the woman’s situation in a better way.


There several challenges that a working mother faces when she has to take care of her family. While the working mother cannot maintain a work-life balance, she will always have to face many questions regarding her priorities.

Besides, she will find it extremely difficult to spend time with her family, even on weekends. But, to overcome the challenges, the mother will have to plan her day, develop relationships, and make her colleagues understand the importance of her family.  

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