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Curtains and wall clocks to change the look of your office and home

Friday, October 14, 2022


Getting a perfect designer curtain for your home or office is not easy, and the same is the case with wall clocks also. An ideal window curtain and clock can add beauty and elegance to your home and office. These reflect your style and taste, which speaks about your personality. Hence, choosing the right kind of interior is always very important. This blog will dive into detail to get ideas about awesome designer curtains and wall clocks. 

Curtains with blinds

Most people refrain from pairing blinds and curtains, feeling that it will block sunlight. But pairing them smartly can give your living room a classy and elegant look. The most common blind materials are aluminum and timber. Timber blinds are the best choice if you are a nature lover and wish to give your blind an earthy tone.

Versatile sheer curtains

If your living room is deprived of windows or is small, sheer curtains are the best option to get desired light and privacy. As the material used to manufacture such blinds is cheaper, these are considered economical designer curtains. Sheer curtains are versatile and got an aesthetic appeal.

Moving on, let us now see how to pick the best wall clock for your home or office. One must keep specific pointers while picking up a correct wall clock, and let us explore a few of them in the upcoming section of the blog.

Look for a proper placement

Once you are ready to buy a wall clock for your living room, the first thing to do is decide the right location and direction of the wall. Hanging the clock on the right wall will help you see the time from various angles. If you believe in Vastu, do not hang the clock on the southern wall as it is considered inauspicious.

Decide the size wisely

Yes, size does matter. Like any other decorative item, you should ensure that the wall clock should not be too tiny or too large. To ensure the correct clock size for your living room, measure the length and width of your living area correctly. The small dimension will suit the small clock, whereas the large space will require a bigger wall clock.

Style and material

Clocks are mainly made of various materials such as wood, plastic, steel, etc. No matter whatever material you select, ensure the quality and durability of the same. If you are going for a wooden wall clock, ensure the grade of wood.

Wrap up

In this blog, you must have a fair idea about choosing the suitable designer curtains and clock for your living room. There is a wide range of clocks and designer curtains available in the market. You should not get influenced by the look of the same but also ensure the quality and durability. A good choice of the wall clock and designer curtains can give your office and home a good ambiance. Hence, choose wisely and enjoy the magic.

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