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Monday, April 6, 2020
Have you ever been surprised after looking at your face in the mirror?

Either yes or no, what I know is that there could be two reasons. One, your skin looked totally fresh; two, your skin looked absolutely stressed. Some days, you feel like you've made the Earth a more beautiful world; some days, you feel like a poor trash bin along the streets. Some days, you just want to bury yourself under your sheets; some days you're too confident to hide.

We care so much about our skin because it is what we wholly are, literally. Skin is the largest body organ. It has many functions, most especially in protecting us generally. How we feel about our physical looks is inexplicably inconsistent and not constant because of many factors that consistently and constantly change us. They include age, hormonal changes and disorders, dirt, chemicals found in water, improper digestion, unhealthy diet, cosmetics, unhealthy lifestyle and all kinds of stress. These factors can harm our skin—from simple acne and pimples to more serious skin concerns—if we don't take care of it. Now we know what gives the skin a haggard appearance and cause disorders no one wants to have, the next step is to avoid them and do something else instead.

I won't talk about medical products and processes which you can use because we all have different skin types. What's good for my skin may not be ideal for your skin type and vice versa. So here is a series of other ways which will help you achieve a beautiful skin not occasionally but always.

Your Skin Type, Your Call
When a friend recommended an “effective” facial wash, and it didn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that he/she lied. When you bought a skin care product promoted by TV commercials, and it didn’t work well for you, it doesn’t always mean that you’ve been scammed. Maybe it’s just not suitable for your skin. Before doing anything to your skin, know first what you can and can’t do to it. Learn about your skin type. You might have heard from a friend, “Oh, that product?! Don’t buy it. It wasn’t effective when I tried it,” but then it actually worked well for your sister. Then you find that confusing and end up just buying nothing. To avoid wasting money from skin care products that give you no good, determine your body type. Know your skin then decide.     

Your Routine is Your Routine
If you already have a daily skin care routine that perfectly fits you and that you’re medically alright with, maintain it. Don’t go from one product to another if you’ve already found the right one. See to it that the routine you’re following cleanses, tones, moisturizes, protects and exfoliates your skin, and is not plainly practical. It’s better to spend a bit larger cost and get the results you need than to spend little for so many times on something mediocre.

Leave the Pimp Alone
Don’t pop and pick pimples, bumps and blemishes that grow out of your skin. Doing so can leave unwanted scars and spotted marks. Pimple can go redder. Your hands aren’t always clean, so bacteria can spread even wider. Pimples are annoying, but stressing them out can annoy you even more Kessler Dental Associates.

Even Flowers Drink Water
Flowers bloom because aside from sunlight, they absorb water. You’re more than a flower, and you need more water. Drink lots of water daily. It aids in absorption, refreshment and nourishment. Reduce or stop drinking alcohol because it dehydrates your skin. Consume plenty of water and other healthy liquids for a radiant glowing skin.

Food for the Skin
You are what you eat, and you really are. Make sure that you get the complete and balanced amount of nutrients that contribute to a better-looking and healthier skin. Fresh, clean and nutritious food diet allows you to have clearer skin. Vitamins like C and E makes you livelier in look and in life. Vegetables and fruits always do their job in making us healthier in everything, but adding proper amount of protein can help your skin glow more.

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