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Give Your Kitchen a Makeover with Double Door Refrigerator

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A lot of families in India have been using a single-door direct cool refrigerator for years now. However, refrigerators, like other appliances, have evolved a lot over time. The upgrades haven’t just been in terms of double doors, multiple doors, French doors, etc., but also in energy saving and other essential features.

Double door refrigerators usually have capacities of around 250-450 litres and have a separate freezer, either on the top or the bottom. They are more energy-efficient as they use frost-free cooling technology. This technology also ensures that there is no ice accumulation inside. They offer much more storage space and scope for organization with more compartments. 

Given below are the current top double door refrigerators in India that can help you if you have been thinking about upgrading, here’s some help.

1.       LG GL-I292RPZL
-          It has a capacity of 260 litres, which is ideal for a family of three or four members.
-          It has an intelligent inverter compressor which adjusts the cooling capacity based on the load in the fridge, thus saving energy. It also ensures longer freshness retention and lesser noise.
-          It provides uniform cooling with its multi air flow cooling vents.
-          It has a Moist Balance Crisper which is basically a lattice pattern box that maintains the correct level of moisture for the food stored inside. This is just one of the features that make it the best double door refrigerator in India.
-          It has a 3 star energy rating.
-          It costs Rs.23,990.

2.       Samsung RT28M3424S8/HL
-          Another contender for the best double door refrigerator in India, this Samsung fridge has a capacity of 235 litres.
-          It has a 4-star energy rating.
-          It has an inbuilt voltage stabilising mechanism to deal with voltage fluctuations.
-          Its toughened glass shelves can carry weights upto 150 kgs.
-          It comes with the promise of Samsung’s well-known and excellent after-sales services.
-          It costs around Rs.24,000.

3.       Haier HRF-3674BS-R/E
-          This excellent model from Haier has a cooling capacity of 347 litres, which can easily serve a family of 5.
-          It has a unique 1-hour icing technology which could be a blessing for spontaneous house parties.
-          Another feature that makes it the best double door refrigerator in India is the child lock.
-          It provides efficient cooling with its all-round air flow technology which also helps to maintain humidity levels.
-          It has a 3-star energy saver rating.
-          It is equipped with a reciprocatory compressor which doesn’t just give uniform cooling but also makes the fridge easier to maintain.
-          It costs Rs.25,490.

4.       Bosch KDN43VL40I
-          It has a 347-litre capacity, apt for families of 5-6 people.
-          It also has a 4 star energy rating and a capable inverter compressor.
-          An innovative international best refrigerator brand like Bosch had to make it to the list of top 5 double door refrigerators in India. It has adjusted its features wonderfully for the Indian market.
-          This model has five intelligent sensors that can pick up the smallest of signals like sun rays falling on the fridge and adjust the cooling capacity to keep it constant.
-          Its Vita Fresh technology ensures that fruits and vegetables stay fresh without compromising on the natural flavour or nutritional value.
-          Its cooling system has excellent 16-hour cooling retention capacity, which can keep food fresh even hours after a power cut.
-          It costs Rs.35,999.

5.       Whirlpool NEO DF278 ROY PLUS 3S
-          This fridge comes with a 265-litre capacity, apt for the conventional 4-member family.
-          It has a good 3-star energy saver rating as well.
-          It has a 6th Sense program that helps the fridge achieve maximum cooling with minimum energy consumption, while retaining the freshness and taste of your food.
-          Its Flexi-Vents are equipped with anti-bacterial features for extra healthcare.
-          It has separate vegetable and fruit crisper drawers, along with mini-tray for smaller and softer items like lemons.
-          It costs Rs.24,390.

Now that you know the best 5 double door refrigerators in India, your family is ready to welcome a new cooling system home matte black kitchen faucet. Read more about these models and pick the best one for your house.

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