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5 Must-Visit Spots In India For Photographers Paradise

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
India is one of the most fascinating countries in Asia. The country has become one of the best visiting places due to its colossal natural beauty. Are you fond of capturing beautiful nature's pictures? Then, make a trip to India, it will be the best destination for photography. There are plenty of alluring places. Lots of people come here at different times to make memories and cannot resist yourself from clicking photos. Various things are there in this country for seeing, like hill stations, valleys, beaches, deserts, forests, lakes, beautiful architecture, many historical places, etc. 
Here are such beautiful, fascinating places in India, where you can take numerous clicks. These wonderful places would be the paradise for the photographers.

1. Ladakh

One of the beautiful, magnificent points of India is Ladakh. This is the favourite places and mostly visited places in Ladakh by the photographers, due to its admirable natural beauty. Undoubtedly this is a pictorial place. Also, you may feel that the sky is near your hand in Ladakh. The alluring white glaciers, blue coloured Pangong Lake, Nubra valley of white sand - these are the most picturesque things you may get in Ladakh. Travellers prefer this spot, because there are so many exciting activities to do, like - trekking, camping in the lake, hiking etc. July, August, September, etc. months are the best time for photography in Ladakh.

2. Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the obvious visiting places by photographers of India. This is such a holy place and mostly visited by pilgrims. Apart from various temples, there are so many amazing beauties there in the city and these are the attraction points for the photographers. People like to ride boats through the river to see the breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset. So this is one of the captivating moments to frame in your camera. Ganga Mahotsav, Budhha Mahotsav, Maha Shivratri, Holi, Dev Deepawali, Makar Sankranti Annakut, Akshaya Tritiya, Chhath Puja, etc. are the great theistic celebrations of Varanasi. These are also the admirable moments for capturing and chances to experience different types of snaps.

3. Rajasthan

The only desert of India can be found in this state - Rajasthan. The pleasant, charming beauty of the desert is one of the best snaps you can take from here. Also, Rajasthan offers desert as well as mountains to the photographers to frame. Mount Abu is the only hill station and surrounded by Aravali Mountain. The state consists of different colourful cities, like - Pink city, Blue city, Golden City etc. This state is famous for having historical places, palaces, monuments, forts of different colours, etc. So these are the also attractions of photographers and mostly preferable for them who are fond of taking snaps of beautiful architectures. 

4. Agra

Another beautiful city of India is Agra and a perfect destination for photographers. One of the 7 wonders is situated in this city. Taj Mahal is the attraction point of here. Taking numerous snaps of Taj Mahal from different angles, and from different views are the most wanted things for photographers. Also, the natural beauty of this city makes it picturesque. Amazing sunrise and sunset are the best things for making frames. Also, the city offers colourful forts, beautiful monuments to make memories on camera. Boat rides, car rides etc. are available for getting different angles of monuments, forts into your camera.

5. Kerala

Another point of attraction of photographers is Kerala. Photographers mostly choose this place as blackwater, beaches, lighthouse, mountains, beautiful gardens, etc. make this place absolutely eye catching. Taking snaps of lakes’ and lagoons’ backwater from houseboats are the captivating snaps you may take here. Munnar is an excellent hill station of Kerala. The pleasant atmosphere and climate are favourable for wandering and talking pictures. The best time to visit Kerala is from September to March month, which means in winter season. 

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