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How to learn playing Guitar like professionals?

Thursday, April 16, 2020

The first thing a guitar teacher usually faces is a student full of doubts and questions. When we start playing the guitar or an instrument, we are anxious and clumsy, and that's perfectly normal. When will we learn our first song? When can we play the guitar in public? When can I sing and play at the same time? When will I have complete control of the instrument? How much time should I spend? Am I too old to learn?

The most frequently asked questions relate to when and how. The answer that each teacher will give you will always be the same: you have to be patient. Work steadily a little everyday and you will have no worries. But if you want to resolve all these doubts that you had at the start and especially what you can do to become a guitarist from scratch, we give you some tips.

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Where to start?

Usually, whoever decides to take a guitar lesson has already taken the first step. Either you have a guitar that you never dared to play, or you are about to buy one. You must have the knowledge of Chords to play guitar. This may be a good first step to start. Some people start playing the guitar and when they doubt it is just a passing thing, they borrow it. It's not a bad idea, but if we make a small investment at the start, it might force us to learn a little more. 

Even so, today's technology allows us to learn to play any instrument without even having to play it physically. To buy a guitar, the best thing to do is go to a music store and seek the help of an expert. A guitar for beginners is not the same as a guitar for professionals. Believe it or not and they all look alike, there are many types of guitars.

Teacher, music school or self-taught?

nce we have the guitar in our hands, we have no choice but to learn to play it if we don't want to throw the money away and what to do with it? Who can teach us to play it?

We have three options:

·         Learn for ourselves
·         Join an academy
·         Hire a private guitar teacher

Each of the options has its pros and cons, it all depends on the goals we have.

It is possible to become a self-taught guitarist. There have always been very comprehensive manuals with which it is easy to master the instrument. But with the Internet and especially with Youtube, it is much more accessible. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to learn to play the guitar quickly and without any help just by using online. The problem that we cannot learn in the best way. We Death Bed Chords may miss things and never learn to play the guitar well.

If you want to be an almost professional guitarist, the best option is a music school. We will learn to play in a very similar way to a conservatory and the normal thing is that we start from the basic notions of music theory. Otherwise you have the support of online chords if you want to learn playing guitar by yourself.

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