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How to Properly Care for Your Swim Caps

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Your custom swim caps are essential for all your swimming activities, may it be for a competitive or leisure swim routine.

Swim caps help you increase your efficiency in the water while you swim, keep your hair and scalp safe from harmful chemicals, and keep your head warm in the cold weather condition.

However, failure to care for your custom swim caps after using them may lead to you changing your caps more often than you might want and this isn't economical nor practical. You should make the best strides to guarantee the life of your custom swim caps.

Here are some ways on how to properly care for your swim caps:


Properly washing your custom swim caps is the most important and the least complex measure you can take to keep it in good condition. Regardless of whether you swam in saltwater, chlorine-treated water, or firm water — it is always wise to wash your swim cap after you used it using new water because those chemicals can degrade the quality of your cap’s material. These chemicals are harmful to silicone, latex, nylon, elastic, and neoprene swimming caps. Therefore, washing can flush away these potentially threatening chemicals.


After giving your custom swim caps a good washing with new water, dry it in the belt pocket before putting it down. There are some materials that are bacteria and form resistant, you should still ensure that your swimming cap is dry before putting them away as this allows you to hold all harmful advancements within limits. This goes especially for swim caps made from latex. For permeable materials such as neoprene and lycra, it is better that you hung them up to dry. You can also hold a small towel inside the cap to guarantee that your cap is totally dry. In addition, sprinkling baby powder on our custom swim caps can also ensure that it is dry before you put it away, this helps absorb remaining water and keep your cap malleable and stretchy.


Coordinate daylight is considered one of the most excellent supporters when a swimwear collapses. So it is essential that you secure all your swimwear, this includes your custom swim caps, from direct daylight or sunlight. Once washed and dried, store your swimming cap in your bathing bag or a place that is shielded from strong UV light. Then, keep these swimming gears in a special compartment and away from sharp objects that can help them stay intact for a longer period of time. Again, before securing your bathing bag, you can sprinkle more baby powder on it.

Regardless of whether you've taken all the necessary efforts to keep your custom swim caps looking great, accidents can still happen. Therefore, it is crucial to have an extra cap with you whenever you have a swimming race or training session.

Swimming caps can last months to even years when properly taken care of. You should also see the care instructions that come with it. These guides would definitely help in making your swim caps last longer.

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