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How to spy on your kid’s phone with TheOneSpy?

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Digital parenting has got an immense piece of popularity over the last decade due to advancements in cell phone technology and omnipresent internet. Traditional parenting has its significance but today online parenting has become necessary for parents because of digital nightmares and mobile obsession among kids on the rise.
 Therefore, parents, these days are looking forward to spying on your kid’s phone no matter what. However, parents are lacking with technology and most of the parents are unaware of the fact that they can track their children's mobile activities and get to know what they are doing on it. Now the question arise what makes parents think to do surveillance on children's handsets connected to the internet.
Why spy on your kid’s phone?
Teens and children over the years have become vulnerable to cyber predators likewise online bullies, stalkers, bunny hunters and sexual predators. Furthermore, young kids and teens get involved in a variety of inappropriate activities likewise online dating, visit carnal content, obsession with social messaging apps, and last but not least share their privacy with strangers.
So, the stranger’s danger is always there. These are the common reasons that have made parents over the years to spy on kid’s cellphone and all we have to do is to get our hands on TheOneSpy Spy App for Cell Phone.

Install TheOneSpy cell phone spy software on kid’s mobile

If you want to do surveillance on kids and teens then you have to get your hands on the best mobile tracking software. So, you need to connect the web browser of your mobile with the internet and then go to the official webpage of TheOneSpy. Once you are on the page you can get subscriptions for a certain period and you will get the credentials via email. Collect the credentials and perform the following mentioned steps.
Step1: Subscribe for cell phone tracking app
Once you have got access to the webpage then you should get the subscription and the credentials via email. Now take a further step ahead to complete the installation process.
Step2: Get Physical access on the target device
Now you need to have the possession of the device and once you have it start the process of installation. After you have completed the process of installation successfully then activate it on the target device. Moreover, the icon of the cell phone spying app remains invisible on the target device's latest OS version.
Step3: Use credentials & activate an online dashboard
It is the time to recall the passcode and ID and use it to activate a private web portal account. Furthermore, you can visit the complete dashboard and get to know how you can use powerful and sturdy features to get the job done within no time. Therefore, we should get to know first how to visit the features and how to use the tools to spy on the kid’s phone. There are the following tools that are best in the business.

Use TheOneSpy powerful tools to spy on kid’s mobile

Live screen recording
Use the online dashboard and further tap on the screen recording app. It will instantly start screen recording and record plenty of short videos and then deliver the recording to the online control panel. So, you can see the videos and get to know everything happens on the target device.
Call recording
You can record live inbound and outbound calls on your kid’s mobile device and further you can save the recording to the dashboard.
IM’s logs
Parents can get social media apps logs installed on the target cell phone device. It means you can read the text messages, chat conversations, shared multimedia likewise videos, photos, audio-video call logs and last but the least logs of voice messages.
Surround recording
Now gone are the days when you did not able to know the activities of your children when they are outside the house with friends or when at school. You can remotely control the target device MIC using the MIC bug app to record surround sounds, and voices.
Parents can capture screenshots of a kid’s phone remotely and set schedules to get multiple screenshots. So, you can get to know what children are doing on their cell phone screen.


TheOneSpy is the best cell phone surveillance app that empowers you to remotely spy on kid’s phone and you can get to know all the activities happening on the target device. Furthermore, you can make sure your kid's online safety.

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