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Physics Reference Books For Class 9

Monday, May 25, 2020

Class 9 is where the Science subject gets divided into three categories; Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Giving time to all three subjects become important. There are so many books that are available in the market that provide solutions for unsolved problems from the main textbooks. Finding the right reference book is again important. These reference books provide step-by-step explanations for all the problems and additional problems are solved to make the concept clear for students.

One of the best reference books that are available online is Lakhmir Singh Solutions. Students are fond of this book as the concepts are explained in simple language and every explanation is supported by a solved example. Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur are the authors of this book.

Importance of NCERT Solutions

Physics is all about laws, theories, and applications. This subject is also based on the basics of Mathematics concepts as these concepts are used in solving problems. Also, among students, Physics is considered to be one of the complicated subjects. NCERT solutions help students in understanding these concepts where simple problems are used for explaining them. There are solved problems with a stepwise explanation.

Class 9 Physics Chapters

Chapter 8: Motion

The chapter explains concepts such as what is motion and terms that are related to motion such as acceleration, velocity, speed, displacement, distance, and the relation between these terms. There are graphs that are used in this chapter to explain a uniform and non-uniform motion.

Chapter 9: Force and Laws of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton did not just explain gravitational force but there concepts of Physics such as laws of motion and how force impacts the motion of objects.

Chapter 10: Gravitation

This is the chapter which explains why an apple fell downward and not in the opposite direction. Also, other topics such as what is a universal law of gravitation and buoyant force.

Chapter 11: Work and Energy

Work and energy are the two concepts that are related to each other and are explained with real-life examples.

Chapter 12: Sound

Ever wondered how sound travels through air or through solids to reach our ears? The propagation of sound, the reflection of sound, and their production is explained in chapter 12.

Class 9 Exam Preparation Tips

     Definitions, theories, and laws remain unchanged. So remembering them becomes easy with the help of examples.
     Practice difficult questions to understand the application of equations and formulas that are explained in chapters.
     Do not use calculators to solve problems.
     Make a list of all formulas and equations chapter-wise.
     Practice derivations and understand the relationship between different equations.

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