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When should you change the tires of your car?

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tires play an essential role in the smooth functioning of your car. A tire is the only car part that comes in direct contact with treacherous roads and highways thus tires wear and tear with time. Therefore tires need replacement after a certain period of time. Following are some factors that Triumph Motors considers while evaluating the condition of a car tire.

Tire Tread

A tire with no treads, is the most unsafe, and is used in the racing tracks only.Tire treads wear down with time and become unable to do their job of keeping the car safe and in control. It is very dangerous to drive a car with worn down tires as they will no longer be able to grip the road surface and may slide erratically in any direction even if the braking or turning is done rightly. Worn tires are more prone to puncture and may lose air pressure frequently.

Uneven Tread Wear

Every tire needs replacement after a certain period of time and every tire wears out too but uneven wearing off may indicate other reasons than the natural ones. If the tire’s tread wears out faster in the centre than its edges then over inflating of the tire can be the reason behind it. If both edges of the tire wear out faster than the center then under inflation can be the cause while if either of the inner or outer edge of a tire is worn off then wheel alignment may be at fault. So if you observe that the either inner or outer edge of your tire is worn off, get the wheel alignment checked from a technician.

If the tires are worn out in a diagonal pattern also known as cupping wear then it indicates a fault in the suspension system of your car. Uneven or irregular worn off tires either indicate the need of rotation of car wheels or worn shocks and struts of your car. Rotation of car wheels is recommended after every 5,000 miles on an average.

Tire’s Age

Age of the tire is another big factor that decides the need of a replacement. Though the replacement of tires as per age is recommended differently by different manufacturers but in general the tires should be replaced after every 50,000 miles.

Tread Separation

Though tread separation is generally observed with cargo truck tires but sometimes it is experienced by passenger vehicles too. Overinflating of tires, rough roads, and potholes are some of the major reasons of tread separation. But the most common reason of a tread separation is the age of the tire so by changing your tires after a certain period of time can reduce the chances of tread separation.

With the help of all the above information, it is now easy for you to decide if you need to replace your car tires or not. And also while getting your new tires make sure to keep some important things in mind including the size, shape and price of the tire.

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