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How has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry

Friday, January 22, 2021

Gambling in the 21st century just seems to keep evolving in ways that none of us could have ever predicted back in the 20th century. There have been so many crucial advancements over the last few decades, so much so that the overall gambling industry is pretty much unrecognisable from what came before. Just think about it: it was only 30 years ago that all casino gambling simply had to take place in an actual brick and mortar casino, but now online casino is by far the most popular way for people to gamble!

Sure, online casinos were a major development in the overall casino gambling industry, however even more recently there was an equally large development that has further expanded the gambling industry – play mobile casino. Oh yes, mobile gameplay is top of the agenda for many people these days, and it has had a profound effect on the slots industry in particular. Keep reading for some ways in which mobile gameplay has affected the slots industry.

Spin those reels on the move

One of the major things that mobile slots have made possible is playing your favourite online casinos should have these slots whilst on the move, something that millions of people have been taking advantage of over the last few years. When online slots first came about people loved the fact that they could gamble from home instead of making the trek to a casino, and now mobile slots have made this even more practical.

The presence of mobile gameplay has made it easier for everybody to spin those reels, and it has also increased the amount of game time that developers are receiving on their games too. This last fact is important, because it is one of the main ways in which online slot developers measure the success of their games.

Developers prioritising the mobile platform

Because of the runaway success of mobile gameplay most online slot developers are now prioritising the mobile platform for their games, simply because they know more gamblers will end up spinning the reels on their mobile platforms.

This is why most modern 2020 slots that come out will be made primarily for the mobile platform, however due to technological advances made in the field of HTML5 coding this doesn’t have an affect on the quality of new slots played on desktop computers either.

Slot graphics just had to get better

Because mobile slots are played on much smaller screens there was a very real imperative for developers to make sure that their graphics were as clear and HD as possible, or else mobile slot gamblers would quickly get tired eyes.

This would reduce their overall gambling time, and would probably make them stop mobile gameplay too, so you can see how important better graphics were.

Crazy expansion of the slots industry

One major thing that mobile slots have resulted in is the ludicrous expansion of the slots industry, to the point where it well and truly dwarfs any other segment of the gambling world.

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