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What does toenail fungus look like

Saturday, January 23, 2021

It starts with a yellow or white spot under the tip of the toenail or fingernail. As the fungal infection spreads, it goes deeper causing the nail to discolor and crumble due to thickness. The fungus can affect several nails and sometimes it can be a mild infection causing nails to be painful and it recurs. The fungus can affect in between the toes causing athletes’ feet. You might notice a foul smell since the infection causes the accumulation of broken nail fragments and dead skin smell. In severe cases, there is a foul-smelling clear discharge. Also, you might notice fragments of rashes far from the infection. All these are causes to seek a toenail fungus doctor near me.

What causes of toenail fungus?

It is caused by a fungus known as a dermatophyte. Molds and yeast cause nail infections, and it can affect people at any age. It results in cracks in the nails allowing the fungi to enter deeper;it is made worse by a weakened immune system and poor blood circulation. The fungal infection can spread from the athlete’s foot to the toenails. The fungus alters the normal function of the nail, rendering it dysfunctional. The nail appears weak, distorted, and in severe cases,it separates from the nail bed. Some factors that increase the development of nail fungus include:

ü  With age, the blood flow is reduced,causing the body to be weak against fighting fungus.

ü  If you sweat heavily.

ü  If you have a history of athlete’s foot.

ü  Walking barefoot in communal damp areas such as shower rooms, swimming pools, and gyms.

ü  Having a skin condition, or nail injury could act as an entry point for the fungus.

ü  If you have an underlying condition such as diabetes that causes a weakened immune system and circulation problems.

ü  Sharing belongings with an infected person.

Why does the fungus affect toenails?

the toenails hold the highest probability to harbor infections because the area around the nails accumulates bacteria and dirt which is not visible to the naked eye. Fungal infections are also transmittable through shared pedicure/ manicure equipment in the salon as you get your nails cleaned.

Secondly, your toenails are always in shoes and socks in moisture and damp conditions for a long time. This can cause fungal infections that breed in the feet. Athletes foot is common to people with sweaty feet and people always in the closed shoes and socks. This creates a good condition for the reproduction and multiplication of fungal infections.

When to seek a Houston foot doctor’s appointment?

Immediately you notice symptoms of fungal infection just book an appointment to get help to treat the fungal infections before you develop complications. When you combine medical, laser nail fungus treatment, and care with home remedies you will be speeding up the recovery process and decrease the chances of recurrence. Ensure proper hygiene and care to sweaty parts of the body and in warm humid weather. Keep the toes and fingers dry and clean at all times.

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