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Different stages of the factory inspections Pakistan

Friday, February 12, 2021

There are many reasons to keep on the top of your outsourcing partners. It is important to ensure both the quality of finished goods and also to meet the ethical demands of the increasingly aware customer base that don’t like support any environmental damage or health hazards. You can break down your Factory inspection process for the factory of Pakistan in different stages.

There are different steps that you need to follow for factory inspections in Pakistan.

Initial evaluation of the suppliers

Before making any business with another part, it is important to verify that they are reliable and they can deliver genuinely on their promises. Many of the contacts in this developing world may advertise themselves as representing as a factory but the truth is, they are the middlemen. The key problem with the middlemen is they often don’t have control over the relationship with the control resolve issue associated with performance and quality.

Social compliance auditing

An important component of delivering products to the bigger market is ensuring that your suppliers can meet the necessary environmental and ethical standards. Even the large companies with the set and established policies of using the ethical sourcing may fail to audit their supply chain for compliance with such policies. So, it is important to check the social reputation of the company.

Supply chain auditing

Not just your direct partners that you need to monitor but you can make sure that anyone who is supplying the partners should meet the set standard too. You need to ensure also that any material or part supplied by the chain are maintaining their promises as per their initial agreement. Pakistan manufacturers have become notorious for the substituting components for the production defects.

Production inspections

The samples that you received are quite perfect but the question is the products that are following those samples are not up to the mark? It is a common picture when you are working with the developing nation outsourcers. Building up the quality prototype id quite perfect but there are lax standards in the production that means the product is not matching the quality. You can save your money and your time both by inspecting the small number of products during the early manufacturing process to ensure that at least the initial methods are perfect. It is also important to check the finished products before they ship so that you can take the corrective steps at right time. For the larger quantities, it is sensible also to conduct the inspections throughout the process so that errors can be rectified quickly.

Shipping and loading inspections

The process will not end at the factory but you need to do it more. If you have goods with high value, fragile or need to meet the certain legal requirements for the loading. Packing, labelling, loading. It is a good idea to ensure that the products don’t go missing, damaged, get broken or fail the inspection on the arrival by auditing the goods as they are being loaded and as they are in the freight.

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