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What is NRC and how it is useful for Assam people?

Thursday, February 11, 2021

NRC is named to be nationally registered citizens, which is more necessity become in India. This scheme is mainly built for Assam states because this state is one of the common multiracial kingdoms in India.

Were millions of people living in the state so, the Assam government confused who is a kingdom of that people and who are the foreign people in that state and also to avoid migration of the Assam people, this Assam Bachao NRC news scheme was established. 


This form is more necessary become in India because it provides a limit to the people who are being in the country

How to enroll in the NRC?

  • Assam people can apply this scheme on both online and offline platforms. In an online platform, a consecutive person has to visit the NRC scheme office. In that place, the user can submit all other details and proof to the respective member for enrolling. The submitting paper should be in legal format document. In online you will register from it anywhere by providing similar proof where they will send all documented proof with the application via scan to the organization.
  • Other than that, NRC applicants need such documents like refugee registration certificate, birth certificate, LIC policy, land records, citizenship records, passport, government-issued licensed or certificate, bank or post office account details, permanent residential certificate, government employment certificate, court records, educational details and so on. After completing all processes, the NRC officer will call or come to your place for the originality verification. 

What happens to people if they are not registered in Assam?

  1. If he/she is not registered or their name is not founded in the list in the Assam Bachao NRC news then they are not mentioned by Assam people also considered as a foreigner. As foreigners who are living in that state may lead to face the Assam government law. If they provide any proof regarding visitors of the state, if it is confirmed they will not force into jail otherwise they fail to show the proof they have to face many problems according to their certain law.
  2. Some names may be left in the register that person has rushed to the NRC registration office to fetch other forms or the user may not be eligible. Assam people may absent in proof id they can claim by law until they do not hold NRC cards they are non-inclusion of the state. 

Who are the people eligible to register?

In the register list of 1952, that person should eligible for this scheme, and the person who is named in the electoral roles update there are present in the register list. This NRC organization all offers an additional project that is registration regional officer, where the foreigner is declared ass Indian citizens by this scheme.

The people who are arriving before this scheme are eligible to apply for this scheme.

The person who mover after this scheme after arrive they have to submit some sort of giver to poor them as they are NRC in Assam citizen before so they are eligible for this scheme.

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