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5 Fabulous Footwear To Rock Every Ethnic Look

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

An outfit is incomplete until and unless you find a perfect pair of footwear. Of course, it is a cakewalk to find stylish, elegant, and complementary footwear to mesmerise the complete look of your outfit. But with the right discussions and pretty BFFs by your side, everything is possible. 


And apart from that, every ethnic wear loving woman should own a dedicated shelf for ethnic footwears including embroidered heels for women. 


Well, if the last style hit you like vodka, here is more to know about. There is more than just juttis or sandals to include in ethnic footwears. Apart from the style, there are also assorted designs and work patterns that you could look for, such as embroidery, embellishment, patchwork, etc. 

We have accumulated a complete list of fabulous footwear that you should save to rock every ethnic look. Check them out and comment if something is missing. 


When thinking about ethnic wears, traditional juttis pops first in most people’s minds. In nutshell, ethnic juttis are the most common footwear in Northern Indian regions and are mainly crafted out of leather with boisterous embroidery of silver and gold threads. This pair has been one of the royal picks as well as only royals were allowed to have such lavishes. 

Now available to relish by all fashion shenanigans, they can be styled with dhoti pants, Indowestern gowns, salwar Suits and even particular designer sarees. 


‘Apart from heels every time, it feels good to wear flats sometimes’, thinks every modern fashionista. On the list of such modern women, Mojaris always secure top position because they are easy to wear and give almost zero worries when trotting. 

Mojaris are similar to Juttis but come with a twist. The origin of Mojaris can be found in the data of the 3rd and 4th Centuries. They are jotted with absolutely ethereal embroidery and ethnic patterns and come in kaleidoscopic colours. 


A fine Maharashtrian product in India, Kolhapurichappals are quite popular among women of all ages. These are very versatile and classic at the same time. Kohlapurichappals can be worn with any outfits; be it Indian or western, these complement any kind of styles. And yes, if you have a keen liking for extra accessories like tiny tinker bells, you may find them decorated on these.   

Embroidered Heels 

A great addition to wear with wedding dresses such as lehengas or bridal sarees, a pair of embroidered heels for women is the next thing to search for. As the name suggests, these heels come in intricate embroidery works and work patterns inspired by nature. Crop pants, cigarette pants, Indowestern gowns, Indian sarees, contemporary salwar suits, etc. can be styled with them. 

Embellished Heels

Just after comes embellished heels, which has garnered lots of attention during dazzling shows and events including post and pre-wedding ceremonies. The fashion connoisseurs find them ecstatic with beads and semi-precious stones. Some find them more appealing when they come with embossed mirror works and similar. 

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