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To know about the cake sprinkles wholesale.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021


The cake plays an important role in the celebration such as birthday parties, engagements, weddings, and other special celebration. The cake is not fulfilled without the sprinkles. There are many types of sprinkles are available in the market. In this article you will know about the cake sprinkles wholesale.


What are the different types of cake sprinkles are available in wholesale?


The different types of cake sprinkles wholesale are available in the market are given by,


Edible pearls AKA dragees: It is one of the decorative sprinkles for your cake. It is shiny, and metallic coated like candy balls. It is liked by most of the peoples because of color and shiny metal coating. It is perfect for all wedding cakes, birthday cakes, angel cakes, and more. The sizes of these sprinkles are 4mm, 8mm, and 6mm.


Nonpareils AKA 100’s and 1000’s: It is one of the most common types of sprinkles are used in cakes and desserts. These are tiny colorful balls that will also give crunch to the cake. You can decorate your cake with nonpareil’s sprinkles.


Sugar strands AKA jimmies: It is made by the sugar paste and make into long and cylinder-shaped ropes. It is coated with glaze and wax to give the shiny look. It is mixed with the nonpareils sprinkles and decorates the special cakes.


Sugar crystal: It is big, rounded, crunchy, and sugar pieces. It will give the extra taste and crunch to the cake. It has opted for the sweet lovers.


Sanding sugar: It is transparent and medium-sized crystal pieces. It will come in different types of colors. The texture of the sanding sugar is delicate. It is perfect for simple cakes. It is similar to crystal sugar but it is slightly big.


Shaped sprinkles AKA quins: It is perfect for decorating the Valentine’s Day cake and girl's birthday cake. It is a combination of pink and white colored heart sprinkles. 


What are the benefits of buying the cake sprinkles as wholesale?


The benefits of buying the cake sprinkles wholesale is given by,


Lowest price: You can buy the cake sprinkles at a lower price compared to the retailer shops. It is one of the key advantages for wholesale.


Online processes: Nowadays you can find a wholesale seller on the internet. You can easily buy the cake sprinkles by online with low shipping prices as well as free shipping.


More variety: You can find more variety of cake sprinkles from the wholesale suppliers. 


No crowds and no pressure: You can buy a large quantity of the cake sprinkles from the wholesale supplier without any hurdles.


What are the common types of cake decorating items?


Piping bags: It is also known as a pastry bag which is made of plastic, paper, and cloth. The purpose of the piping bags is icing and frosting.


Cake toppers: Some of the edible cake toppers are edible flowers, chocolate, candies, fruits, lollipops, candy balloons, and marshmallows.


Some of the other decorating items are food colors, sprays, sprinkles, confetti, sugar, fondant, icing sheet, nozzles, fondant rollers, smoothers, spatula, bench scraper, knife, modeling tools, turntables, boards, and other cake decoration accessories.


Decorate your cake with delightful cake sprinkles!!


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