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Managing a Balanced WFH Lifestyle as a New Parent

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Common Struggles for Those Who Go the WFH Route

WFH stands for Work From Home, and this represents an increasingly prevalent aspect of the modern economy. Roughly 25% of workers today operate in a remote capacity throughout the US; at least in part. Many included in that statistic work from home full-time. This is leading to a totally new sort of economy, and it’s changing everything—including parenting.

As a new parent, you’ll have a few key questions, considerations, and struggles to consider. Following we’ll explore several of them to help you most effectively manage a new baby and a WFH career.

1. Cleaning, Daycare, and Productivity

It’s hard to keep on top of your chores when you’re in a WFH situation. It’s also, paradoxically, easier. The key is falling into a routine that involves cleaning up after yourself, and being proactive in the process. When you’re a parent, this becomes a bit complex as young children aren’t as disciplined in terms of cleanliness as adults.

Also, young ones love you being home, and will expect they can just drop in on you at any time. While going the WFH route allows you to reduce daycare costs, doing it yourself means you may have productivity issues.

There’s a balance here, and it’s best for mothers and fathers to share responsibilities. Homeschooling can help or be a hindrance, more on that shortly.

2. Health Considerations

When you’re in a WFH situation, you won’t be able to lean on some of the same healthcare options working on-site would provide. Many WFH jobs are of the freelancer variety, and don’t include benefits—though some do. There’s a pro and a con here. The con is, you’re at home, and that means you’re going to have to leave the house to get help.

However, you might be able to use options like Zoom for “tele-health” meetings with varying medical professionals. Follow this link for an option that helps mothers overcome common problems with breastfeeding. Certain remote options are available here. Also, at an office, you wouldn’t feel comfortable getting lactation help from a live zoom call; what would coworkers say?

3. To Homeschool, or Not to Homeschool?

Homeschooling is often desirable to the public option for many parents today, and can help keep your child busy while you’re working. However, homeschooling requires you to be very involved, and properly educating your young one to be diligent in their scholastic duties is definitely a challenge.

You’ll have to be more organized and learn how to compel your child through things like incentives and discipline. Finding the balance here can be a very hard. When you do find it, the rewards are usually worth it.

Being the Best WFH Mom You Can Be

Homeschooling, healthcare considerations, cleaning, daycare, and productivity are all directly affected by going the WFH route. Thankfully, if you find a healthy work-life balance, you’ll see that there are plenty of positives in this scenario as well, and they may well enhance your capabilities as a parent.

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