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What to Ask Before Choosing a Destination Wedding Venue

Wednesday, May 4, 2022


Destination weddings are becoming more popular among couples nowadays because it’s a great way to celebrate and have a vacation at the same time.

There are many amazing locations for your dream wedding. For instance, it can be on a summit of a mountain or underneath the stars beside a sandy beach. When it comes to destination wedding venues, the possibilities are almost limitless.

However, not all brides and grooms are the same. Couples want their weddings to be unique and personalized so they all have different requirements and requests from a venue. 

Here are some questions you need to ask before choosing a destination wedding venue.

Location - Is It Near The Airport or Tourist Destinations? 

Destination weddings are held in other cities or countries, so travel is involved for everybody. It can be a couple of hours away  or a 14-hour flight, depending on where you want to go. 

Proximity to the airport can be a big factor during your decision process. Traveling long hours can be tiring and a resort that is near the airport means that you can relax almost immediately upon arrival. 

Location is very important when choosing a wedding venue. Always remember that your guests are not expected to spend all their days within the hotel or resort. They also want to go shopping and sightseeing. Easy access to transportation or being in the same vicinity as local tourist destinations can help your guests enjoy your wedding celebrations. 

Amenities - How Do We Enjoy Our Time At The Venue? 

A destination wedding is a vacation too and there will be guests who will want to spend their entire time inside the resort. A good venue has something for everybody.

For example, Four Seasons Cabo San Lucas has 6 different swimming pools so that adults can lounge in the adult only pool while the family pool at the shoreline welcomes everybody from all ages. They also have a golf course, a marina for sunset sailing or snorkeling expeditions, a fitness center and spa and 6 distinct restaurants that serve different types of fare.

Choosing a wedding venue with complete amenities is enjoyable because it makes relaxing easier since you don’t have to leave the premises to enjoy your vacation.

Cuisine - What’s On The Menu? 

Food is very important during celebrations, including weddings. Visiting a new country gives you the opportunity to try new cuisine so make sure to ask your venue what kinds of local delicacies are included in their wedding menu. Some people like eating food from home so make sure that something familiar is on the menu.

Food is one of the great ways to bond with other people. It can be hard to cater to everybody’s dietary preferences but it will make everyone invited happy and comfortable so better make sure to talk to the chef or manager about the different kinds of food available.

Some venues do not provide in-house catering so it is better to ask about  3rd party catering services.

Wedding Venue - Beach or Indoor? 

This is a very important question because some couples will want to have weddings on the beach but have receptions indoors or perhaps in a garden.

If you’re looking at Cabo San Lucas wedding venues for example, check out the different wedding venues available at the different resorts in the city. Not all of them will be able to accommodate a lot of guests on the beach or their ballrooms or perhaps the ballroom available is too big for your wedding. Talk to them to find out what kinds of setting they are offering and the number of guests the venue can accommodate. 

Also ask whether there is a cut-off time for celebrations. Some venues only allow couples only 4 hours to host their wedding, others allow parties to go on for as long as it can. 

Guest Accommodations - What Kind of Accommodations Are Available For Guests?

Not all of your guests will be available for a weekend destination wedding. Some of them will probably fly in during the wedding and then leave the next day. It is important to ask whether on-site accommodations for overnight guests are available.

This will give your guests options with regards to checking in or booking a room in another hotel or resort.

Personalization - Can I Transform Your Venue To My Dream Wedding?

Most weddings have a theme. Others want a winter wonderland inside a hotel while others prefer a minimalist wedding venue. The venue of your choice should be able to accommodate your wishes.

For instance, if you want a rustic barn style wedding, they should be able to help you and your wedding planner set up the place to make it perfect for the night. 

Back-up Plan - What Happens Due To Bad Weather? 

No matter how well you plan, there is still something you can’t control: the weather or other unforeseen events like fire. Before booking a venue, ask the staff about their back-up plan in case of bad weather. Ask about on-site generators, tents, flood lights or an alternative venue and other essentials that will make your wedding possible.

Other items to include in the back-up plan include: changes to the menu, decorations and accommodations of you and your guests. Get in writing whether your deposit or payment is refundable if any untoward incident happens in the venue before and during the wedding. 

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